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<p>X1 Lane PCIe Bridge in Advanced Mezzanine Card TechOnline, March 29, 2006 Content Type: PaperThe PEX 8111 enables designers to quickly and easily upgrade existing PCI-based cards to the new AdvancedMC PCI Express interface. </p>

·Future plans to support TMX320F28027 (Piccolo) controlCARD

Zoran first used linear analog processing, summing the signals from the five piezoelectric transducers, enhancing the lower frequencies while attenuating the natural resonant frequency of the sound board itself.

For his second-generation Chameleon prototype, Zoran plans to use a Freescale Symphony DSP56371 device and the chip maker's Symphony SoundBite Development Kit. The idea is to try different digital processing approaches, including linear filtering, finite element-based approaches and sound synthesis-based methods to see which works the best,” said Zoran.


Zoran has been experimenting with different woods and other materials for the Chameleon guitar sound board. The most exotic board came from a piece of 150-year-old spruce from a Vermont bridge. He is also working with instrument builder Marco Coppiardi of Boston-based Italiastrings to develop a sound board that can be easily swapped in and out.

Winchester, UK – KEMET Corporation's full line of capacitor models has been released to the Mentor Graphics simulation software tool, which allows Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and board design engineers to model the decoupling scheme of a printed circuit board using the Mentor HyperLynx 8.0 Power Integrity and HyperLynx Signal Integrity products.

KEMET's new low ESR and low ESL polymer products are specifically designed for the high speed processor board level decoupling applications.


Using the Mentor HyperLynx 8.0 Power Integrity simulation tool, design engineers will have the ability to model the time-domain and frequency behavior of aluminum, film, ceramic, and tantalum SMD capacitors manufactured by KEMET.

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LONDON — Tom Beese, CEO of ClearSpeed Technology plc, has resigned with immediate effect. The AIM-listed company announced a collapse of sales and a major loss for the year to Dec. 31, 2008, and said that because of its reduced size it expected to delist from the London stock exchange.

Maxim Integrated Products,

Sunnyvale, Calif. – The MAXQ610 16-bit microcontroller from Maxim Integrated Products is designed to extend battery life in low-power applications, operating from a 1.7V to 3.6V voltage range. The device is targeted for battery-powered equipment such as sensors, universal remote controls, meters, and data loggers.

Because the MAXQ610 operates down to 1.7V, the device can utilize 95% of the battery capacity. Effectively increasing battery life by up to 15% over conventional solutions, the device extends operation by several months in many applications, according to the company.

To further prolong battery life, the MAXQ610 consumes an ultra-low 200nA (typ) in stop mode, and delivers up to 12MIPS at 3.75mA (typ) in active operation.

The microcontroller includes two USARTs, an SPI(TM) master/slave communication port, dual 16-bit timers, an 8kHz wakeup timer, and up to 38 general-purpose I/O pins capable of supporting an electromechanical or capacitive-touch keypad matrix.

The SR73 in size 0201 for a start covers the resistor range from 0.47 Ω up to 10 Ω. This allows current measurements of up to 460 mA. The whole range is available with 1% and 5% tolerance and a temperature coefficient from 0 up to +400 ppm/K. It is compliant with the EU RoHS specifications and furthermore halogen free.

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