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<p>We are in our fourth development generation for SiGe, and we have been in production with SiGe for about four years,” Lange said. Others in the industry are on their first or second generation of SiGe at best.”</p>

As EETimes went to press, Vivendi was still to complete the separate sale of its interest in Italian pay-TV operator Telepiu to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. The completion of this deal will see Canal+ Technologies abandon its suit against another Murdoch company, NDS, over alleged hacking of the French firm's encryption technology.

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SCHWALBACH, Germany — South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corp. have agreed to develop CMOS image sensors together, intending to supply mobile applications in cellular phones, PDA's and mobile PCs.


Samsung and Mitsubishi have said they would develop two chips; a CMOS image sensor and a complementary signal processor chip. In the future a CMOS process technology could be used integrate both the image pixel array and the required analog and digital signal processing in a single chip.

Samsung is responsible for the CMOS imager and Mitsubishi is producing the processor chip, with the two companies agreeing the interface between the two chips and exchanging engineering information as required. After production both companies will be able to supply their customers with both chips.

No date was given for the expected availability of the chips.


Samsung and Mitsubishi said they plan to expand their collaboration to include development of a single chip that integrates the two-chip-set, thereby providing performance and cost benefits. A camera chip solution with an in-built data compression functionality may also be developed, the companies said.

At the present, the mobile camera is used for just taking pictures. But, by utilizing the image processing functionality of Mitsubishi's Artificial Retina LSI, we can exploit more attractive applications,” said Shigeo Uoya, general manager of Mitsubishi Electric's system LSI division, in a statement. By the collaboration with Samsung, we can integrate both companies' strong points and we will succeed in this market.”


SHANGHAI, China — Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.(SMIC), a Chinese wafer foundry moving ahead aggressively in manufacturing, has announced that its second and third wafer fabs have just started manufacturing integrated circuits.

Fab-2 is expected to be at a level of production of 7000 wafer starts per month by the end of the year and Fab-3, which SMIC asserts is the first Chinese wafer fab to have copper interconnect capability, is expected to be producing 5000 wafers per month by the end of the year, the company said.

Education and salaries As in past years, the 2002 survey indicates that higher education pays off. The small number of PhDs among the survey respondents, about 6 percent, reported a base salary of $107,771. From there, salaries go down along with the level of schooling. Those with an MBA make $98,775, while those with master's degrees in EE and computer science make $96,714 and $95,465, respectively. Engineers with a BSEE earned $84,179 and those with a bachelor's in computer science collected $88,716.

In overall compensation, the largest companies paid the best with the mean total wage package adding up to $96,700. Companies taking in between $50 million and $99 million paid $84,249 in total compensation.

I received a 'stop-work' on four design projects last week due to a cut in funding,” one reader wrote.

Sanie also noted, however, that EDA vendor support for Oasis is not a done deal. Even though the three biggest vendors are on board, Sanie said, there are still 30 to 40 EDA vendors that use GDSII to transfer data between design steps. Will they all replace GDSII with Oasis, and if so, when?” he asked.

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