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The VPL-CS1 has a built-in USB port and stereo speakers, and comes supplied with software for projector control via laptop or desktop computer. A remote control with built-in laser pointer is optional.

We are pleased to offer a low-profile fBGA package that provides a tremendous economy of board space and supports high I/O counts at the lowest cost,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, director of SX products for Actel. This offering is uniquely suited to support the requirements of many of today's high-volume consumer and communications applications.”

The 1.0-mm ball pitch fBGA484 consumes the same space as a 256-ball standard BGA of 1.27-mm ball pitch. As ball pitch decreases, the number of I/Os on an fBGA package are increased, allowing designers to utilize a smaller package while supporting higher I/O counts.

what does smd stand for in electronics

Samples of the A54SX72A in fBGA484 packaging will be available this month. Volume pricing at 100,000 units is $35.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Infineon Technologies (formerly the Siemens Semiconductor Group) and Savan Communications (Netanya, Israel) have launched a second-generation VDSL (very-high bit-rate digital subscriber line) chip set for integrated voice, data and video applications.

VDSL can support up to 52 Mbits/second over about 1,000 feet and is considered the fastest technology for voice, data and video communication on twisted-pair infrastructure. It's optimized for 26-Mbit/s asymmetric and 13-Mbit/s symmetric transmission rates over distances of up to 5,000 feet, which enables it to cover most business and city customers from the local exchange (fiber to the exchange, FTTEx) or a cabinet (fiber to the cabinet-FTTCab).

what does smd stand for in electronics

The jointly developed chip set is capable of supporting up to 30-Mbit/s transmission over a single twisted pair, and it enables broadband services such as interactive TV, distributed LAN and video games, high-definition videoconferencing and bundling of voice, high-speed Internet access and broadcast TV.

Infineon's Business Unit Transceivers vice president Christian Wolff said the chip set also fills the bandwidth gap between current T1 and T3 offerings, allowing fractional T3 delivery and replacement of several T1 lines by a single VDSL line.

what does smd stand for in electronics

Wolff added that the chip set is expected to accelerate the deployment of VDSL by reducing the number of external components required in VDSL modems and line cards for DSLAM and digital loop carrier systems.

The chip set includes two ICs based on quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), a programmable digital transceiver in a 144-pin TQFP package (PEB22812) and an analog front end in an MQFP-64 (PEB22813). Power consumption of the chip set is 1 watt per line, which Wolff said is as much as 50 percent lower than the power required by conventional discrete multitone (DMT)-based ADSL.

In July the SDMI announced its portable-device specification 1.0, which called for the implementation in a follow-on second phase of a screening mechanism that would help PC software filter out pirated material. The SDMI also announced plans to define a process for testing products for compliance to the new spec and to develop a reference API for portable devices.

Both technology and political disputes are making it extremely unlikely that the end-of-the-year deadline will be met. Copyright and security are among the sticking points.

While the SDMI has selected digital-watermarking technology from ARIS Technologies Inc., Cambridge, Mass., for phase one of its specification, the organization has not been able to develop a consensus on the screen technical structure–whether the digital watermark should be 1 bit or 3 bits–that controls the ability to copy a digital recording. Also at issue is the SDMI Trademark License and Compliance Agreement.

Without resolution of these points, device manufacturers can launch products, but they won't be able to place an SDMI logo on them. Perhaps more important, the unresolved issues will prohibit handheld devices from being able to download SDMI-protected files from the Internet, and by doing so may hold up the market.

Meanwhile, the absence of an industry-accepted security specification along with other uncertainties may have a significant effect on audio-player designs. System manufacturers have typically built their players around programmable DSPs and ASICs. For example, Lucent is using a Texas Instruments Inc. DSP in its system, while Diamond Multimedia is using an ASIC chipset developed by Micronas Intermetall, Freiburg, Germany.

SRC's decision to open up its membership to international companies follows a similar move by industry consortium Sematech, which was set up in the 1980s to help revive the U.S. chip industry against intense competition from Japan. The SRC organization in Research Triangle Park, N.C., was established as a research management consortium by the Semiconductor Industry Association for long-term R&D projects in IC technologies at U.S. universities. SRC officials announced last month that the group was open to non-U.S. members.

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