<p>To overcome any potential difficulties with accents, FirstRing gives agents 84 hours of training, which allows them to understand various American accents and dialects, and which lets them be better understood by American callers.</p>

Issa, 47, defeated Democrat Peter Kouvelis. He is filling the House seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Ron Packard, a Republican.

theCubicle.com is sponsoring the Integrated-Circuit Internet Convention (IC)2 an all-virtual tradeshow for the semiconductor industry from November 6-10. The (IC)2 tradeshow will offer a multimedia experience for attendees, including on-demand video seminars from leading chipmakers, a look at tomorrow's components, and interactive games where attendees can win personal video recorders, MP3 players and other prizes. The first (IC)2, held in May 2000, featured over 70 exhibitors including Motorola, Intel and Agilent. The upcoming event will have over 90 chipmakers

The Electronics Design, Technology & News Network www.EDTN.com will participate in the latest on-line conference by present a web-based product and technology tutorial for design engineers that will highlight presentations on Bluetooth wireless-communications technologies. The virtual tech-conference, produced and presented by Stephan Ohr, site manager for EDTN's PlanetAnalog.com community is entitled Bluetooth from Edinburgh.” An exclusive online seminar, the conference content has been adapted from presentations made at the CMP Electronics Group's recent IP2000 Europe conference in Edinburgh.


As the foremost site for electronic-design news and technology content, CMP's EDTN is a great contributor to have for (IC)2,” said theCubicle.com's Rmy Frank, who is overseeing the creation of (IC)2. We believe the EDTN Network will be a strong asset in bringing our show cutting-edge content.”

Virtual trade shows like (IC)2 are the wave of the future,” said Richard Wallace, Managing Director of CMP's EDTN Network. Adding an editorially-driven engineering track like Bluetooth” to this web event is consistent with the CMP Electronics groups mission to enable technology innovation by delivering rich technical content through print media, face-to-face conferences and via the vast online reach of the Internet.”

To register for (IC)2, visit www.theCubicle.com/tradeshow.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — Kyma Technologies Inc. here has announced development of a 50-micron thick epitaxial gallium-nitride (GaN) layer on top of a 2-inch sapphire wafer. The company said its new substrate material promises to reduce the number of process steps for GaN-based wide bandgap semiconductor devices as well as result in improved performance.

Two-year-old Kyma plans to be shipping samples of the wafers to device manufacturers by the end of this year. Production quantities are scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2001.


The company said epitaxy on GaN wafers typically have a thickness of 1-to-2 microns. Kyma believes its new GaN wafers can be used to build devices with reduced power consumption. For semiconductor laser made with GaN materials, the new substrates are also expected to result in devices with brighter light and longer life, according to Kyma.

For about about five months, Kyma has been moving to complete product development of freestanding GaN substrates.

e*ECAD pays each tool vendor a negotiable percentage of the revenues received from that vendor's tools. Most of the e*ECAD partners are testing the waters with single products. Aldec Inc., however, is making a pretty big leap. That company will roll out a new dual-language HDL simulator — Aldec's first tool aimed at the high-end chip design market — on the e*ECAD site later this month. David Rinehart, Aldec's vice president of marketing, said he believes e*ECAD will help level the playing field against the larger EDA firms.”

Veritools Inc., maker of widely-used Verilog debugging software, will start out with Undertow-SS, a waveform viewer for SmartSpice. With some 10,000 SmartSpice users, that's a potentially large market,said Robert Schopmeyer, Veritools' president. We think we can get big market penetration and get the product out more quickly to a lot more users,” he said.

OEA International Inc. is offering Spiral Inductor, an on-chip spiral-inductor design tool, on e*ECAD. We think it opens up a whole new group of customers for us,” said Jerry Tallinger, OEA's vice president of marketing. It's probably the first of many products we'll roll out using this model.”

Other initial e*ECAD offerings include the Simutest Verifier design-for-test tool, BIPSIM's Bipole numerical simulator, Antrim's AMS mixed-signal simulator, Silicon Valley Research's Gards IC layout suite and Everest's Glint HDL linter.

In addition to SmartSpice, most Silvaco offerings are available on e*ECAD, including the company's device simulation, process simulation, layout editing, layout-vs.-schematic and design-rule checking programs.

Spindler explained that the company's 0.18- and 0.13-micron processes are a key part of its plans to reduce power consumption and that they expect to launch a Pentium III chip running at speeds over 1 GHz, with power dissipation of about 1.5 W by mid 2001. Pushing into 2002, he expects to see 500- and 600-MHz processors that dissipate less than a half-watt. The company will begin shifting to the 0.13-micron node in the first half of next year, which will further reduce power consumption.

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