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San Jose–June 30, 1999–A new family of power-supply supervisor ICs that include over-voltage detection and a built-in”crow bar” interface has been developed by Micrel Semiconductor (San Jose). Available in Micrel's Ittybitty SOT23-5 packaging, the MIC2753 and MIC2754handle power-on reset functions as well as help minimize system damage in theevent of an over-voltage fault.


Each device includes an under-voltage monitor with reset output, a manualreset input with internal pull-up for direct connection to a switch, and apulse generator that delivers 140 ms (minimum) reset signals at power-on anytime the input voltage falls below the programmed threshold. The MIC2753and MIC2754 are identical with the exception of the reset outputs: theMIC2753 features an active-high, push-pull reset output, whereas the MIC2754features an active-low, push-pull output.

In 1,000-piece quantities, the MIC2753LBM5 and MIC2754LBM5 in Micrel'sIttybitty SOT23-5 packaging are priced at $1 each. Delivery of the L,” T,” and R” voltage options (5V +/-5%, 3.3V +/-5%, 2.85V +/-5%, respectively) of both devices are from stock. The remaining voltage options will becomeavailable shortly. Custom threshold voltages are available for high volumeapplications. These devices are manufactured using Micrel's proprietary BiCMOSprocess

Micrel San Jose, CA www.micrel.com


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To hold on to their share of the pie in the intensely competitive multi-billion dollar travel and hospitality industry, companies must deliver quality customer service. The companies in this industry have long invested in call center products. They are continuing to invest in technology to help route calls to agents most knowledgeable about the travel/hospitality products they offer and in systems that ensure optimal staffing requirements. They are alsofocusing on learning more about travelers’ preferences so they can sell packages that best meet their needs. a The Internet has started to transform the travel and hospitality industry by letting millions of people make their own travel plans directly. On-line travel reservations let consumers bypass many of the functions — such as selecting vacation spots and making airline ticket purchases — that used to require the assistance of travel agents. Still, even with the phenomenal growth rate enjoyedby the on-line travel reservation companies, they only comprise a minute 1% to 2% of the overall travel industry. a However, experts agree that to protect their share of the booming on-line travel market, traditional travel agents will have to increase the marketing of their own Web sites or collaborate with on-line travel agencies. a “Our studies show that self service through on-line travel reservations is seeing explosive growth,” says Jon Anton, customer access consultant at PurdueUniversity’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality (West Lafayette, IN). “It is doubling every six months.” In response, traditional travel agents now charge for their services since travel providers are reducing commissions, he adds. From a market


of roughly $3 billion in 1998, Forrester Research (Cambridge, MA) projects that the on-line travel industry will reach nearly $30 billion by 2002.

Company executives attribute the rapid growth in on-line travel reservations to the fact that it givesconsumers almost total control over their travel planning. “They can come to an unbiased Web site and see the full range of our fares and hotel offerings and the difference in the pricing of vacation packages to the same destination,” says Jim Marsicano, a senior VP at Travelocity.com (Fort Worth, TX), an on-line travel reservations and planning company. Travelocity is owned by the Sabre Group, a provider of electronic reservations systems that were originally created by American Airlines.

SoftDial Plug-In runs from a dedicated server running Windows NT and works with Definity G3 phone switches from Lucent Technologies or phone switches from Aspect; the per-seat cost begins at $1,500. Edge, which runs on various versions of Unix or on Windows NT, requires its own server and costs $1,800 per seat. SoftDial Plug In and Edge work with a minimum of 30 seats. Volume discounts are available for both products.

Professional Teledata’s (Manchester, NH)ProDial 2000 outbound and predictive dialing software is available withPI-2000 , the company’s inbound call processing system. ProDial 2000, which accommodates up to 200 agents per campaign, avoids contacting people on do-not-call lists or who have otherwise indicated they don’t want to receive calls for certain campaigns.

The system also lets you determine when you want it to re-contact people whom your centerhasn’t yet reached. Agents can choose whether they want to select whom they call or allow the predictive dialer to place calls for them.

PI-2000 is an inbound call processing system with reporting and call scripting capabilities. The program enables you to create up to 99 pages of call scripts for each agent. You can include fields from customers’ records within these scripts, and you can create menus with information to help agents answer customers’ questions.

PI-2000 also enablesyou to generate form letters or faxes to customers and it lets you customize reports about the status of agents’ calls. Pricing for PI-2000 is $8,000 for four seats, $15,000 for five to ten seats, and $1,000 per seat for larger centers. Since PI-2000 software only handles inbound calls, you need to purchase ProDial 2000 separately if you want to make outbound calls as well. ProDial 2000 costs $2,500 for two seats or $500 per seat for three seats or more; you can use it by itself if you just need to makeoutbound calls, or you can use it with PI-2000 for inbound and outbound calls.

What about equipment manufactures designing Internet servercapabilities into their devices? For example, manufactures of PLCs(programmable logic controllers) commonly have incorporatedInternet connectivity as an option to their devices, but they arenot thin servers. PLC manufacturers offer a controller board thatimplements Internet server capabilities. This board may beconsidered a module thin server.

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