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It was only when I was lying in bed that it struck me that I should be tying the knot around the bridge itself. That was a Doh!” moment, let me tell you. But which knot to use? The next day I performed a Google search for How to string a ukulele” and got a bunch of hits (it really is amazing what’s out there on the Internet). One website in particular had a really nice picture that made a lot of sense, and it wasn’t long before my strings were well strung (as it were).

With your help we can come up with a survey that sparks a larger conversation about this issue that may lead (we can always hope) to change.

It turns out that it wasn’t Alexander Graham Bell, but one Antonio Meucci, An erratic, sometimes brilliant Florentine inventor,” who invented the telephone.

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In that one statement, The Book of General Ignorance,” by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson, had my attention, and continued to shatter hundreds of foundational ‘common knowledge’ beliefs and outright lies that had petrified in my brain.

They also managed to ‘downgrade’ my view of Bell, as an inventor, and a man, from ‘AAA’ to ‘AA-‘. For more about this and flying barnacles, click here.

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Despite some concerns about the chip industry over investing in production capacity, Dataquest Inc. today predicted that semiconductor suppliers will have two more years of solid growth before a modest downturn hits in 2003.

The market research firm here released a new forecast showing worldwide chip sales increasing 37% to $231.6 billion in 2000, followed by growth of 27.5% to $295.2 billion in 2001 and 13.9% to $336.2 billion in 2002. But in 2003 chip sales will drop 4.5% to $320.9 billion, said Dataquest.

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It has taken the industry five years to return to the strong revenue growth achieved in 1995, when the industry grew almost 38%,” said Mary Olsson, a principal analyst in Dataquest's semiconductor group in San Jose. Yet, despite the growth resemblance between 1995 and 2000, we do not believe 2001 will be a year of changing business conditions as it was in 1996.

Barring any major economic downturn or earth-shaking disaster, the industry in 2002 is forecast to reach low double-digit growth, with a moderate but cyclical downturn in the forecast for 2003. A return to moderate growth is expected in 2004,” she added.

During the round table discussion, Secretary Chu took questions about the regulatory and financial obstacles to expanding the U.S.’s renewable energy industry. He talked about the U.S. Department of Energy’s efforts to get investment funds and tax credits to projects like ours faster, and the ongoing efforts to enshrine renewable energy development in national economic policies. Among the most welcomed comments he made were about the future. He assured the audience that the administration will do everything it can to ensure that renewable energy development remains a national priority in the long term.

Secretary Chu has a relaxed, down-to-earth style. He was a very good listener. He understood what people were saying, and his replies revealed very balanced thinking between the nation’s goals and the everyday realities of getting things done in Washington. I came away confident that he understood the important role solar energy can play in the nation’s renewable energy agenda, and grateful that he very publicly made Amonix a part of it. 

(Vahan Garboushian is founder, chief technology officer and board of directors chairman at Amonix.)

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of stuff I know nothing about. Of course I don’t actually know all of the things of which I’m unaware … but it seems that every day I hear about something that blows me away and makes me say Wow, I didn’t know anything about that!”

For example, have you heard about the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences? Apparently TED ( has been running since 1984, but I knew nothing about it until today. Here’s a small snippet of what they say on their website:

Intel also said Claude Leglise, vice president of the IAG and general manager of the Home Products Group, will now report to Gerhard Parker, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's New Business Group. Leglise continues to head up the Home Products Group, which remains focused on building blocks and products for new home digital devices, according to Intel.

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