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<p>So it is with this in mind that I'm particularly excited about picking up where Kenton Williston left off.</p>


The Motorola MSC8101 is based on the StarCore SC140 DSP core, which that uses a C-friendly architecture. Various development tools support the MSC8101, including C/C++ compilers, an assembler, an optimizer, a linker, a simulator and two hardware tools-an evaluation module and an application development system.

Any design team appreciates the availability of a large library of ready-to-run application software. The MSC8101 is supported by such a library, in conjunction with third parties. All offerings are optimized in C and/or hand-optimized in assembly language for the new device.


Another successful Embedded Systems Conference is in the books and this was my first attending it as an editor for the Green SupplyLine. Typically, I've attended as a presenter, focusing on the topics of reverse engineering and system design but when word started to spread about my new role, I was amazed at how many companies who were exhibiting at the show wanted some of my time.

Why you ask? I'd like to think it was a combination of my cavalier wit and my rugged good looks, but the truth is, these companies had an agenda. And for once, it was an agenda that I could get behind. As I spoke to each unique company, each with varying products targeted towards engineers, they all spoke of a common problem. How do we let engineers know that we're in the green space?” they said. It seems that many companies exhibiting at the show had come to the recent revelation that green and clean technology had become a priority to the average engineer and that it was a company priority to identify themselves as green&#45friendly”

In terms of what answers I gave them, my primary suggestion was to show” not tell”. By show” I recommended that they show the engineering community how their product or solution was actively providing a green solution to a problem. Has your software been chosen to analyze remotely the effects of carbon on the ice caps? Are your processors being used to manage smart grids? Examples, in my opinion, are what resonate with engineers. To truly show your green” side, let the engineering community know that applications feature your work.


Earth Hour Update (Ottawa Edition) : Earth Hour came and went around the world on Saturday, March 28 and many cities around the world took part in an attempt to raise awareness on our energy consumption. In my city of Ottawa, Canada, shutting the lights out for one hour resulted in a 43,000 kilowatt&#45hour drop, or 9% drop versus the averages for that time on that day. To put that into perspective, the energy savings could power 58 homes for over a month. Not bad at all.

TOKYO — Toshiba Corp. announced it has extended its licensing of Rambus Inc.'s technology to cover synchronous DRAMs, double-data-rate (DDR) memories, Fast Cycle RAMs (FCRAMs), and controllers that directly interface to those memories. The new agreement requires Toshiba to pay higher royalties for those chips than the rates on Rambus DRAMs, said the two companies, which did not release details about those payments.


Rambus said its patent portfolio covers fundamental aspects of high-speed memory interfaces, including techniques used in SDRAMs, DDR SDRAMs, FCRAMs, and controllers connecting to those memories.

Rambus (Mountain View, Calif.) is currently fighting Hitachi Ltd. over patent rights to interface technologies in a range of microprocessors and memory chips, including SDRAMs and DDR devices. The case is being reviewed by the U.S. International Trade Commission. Hitachi has countered, asking that the ITC include other Japanese chip makers — including Toshiba — in its probe of Rambus' patent infringement complaint.

For instance, more powerful processing engines require lower power consumption, optimized on-chip memory, and a wide selection of customizable peripherals, McAlinden said.

SPS' 3G wireless-handset architecture, for instance, integrates three processing elements, including the company's second implementation of the StarCore DSP it co-designed with Lucent Technologies Inc. The handset integrates the StarCore 140 DSP, which initially will run at 200 MHz; a 100-MHz M340-16 MCore microprocessor; and a 100-MHz Inter-Processor Communications Module (IPCM), along with customized peripheral sets.

The company currently has no plans to offer a standard version of the 3G chassis. SPS plans to provide silicon to its lead customer in the third quarter, with other customers expected to have the platform in early 2001, McAlinden said.SPS' 3G chassis will likely be used in Motorola's own wireless handsets, but in the general market, the company is behind TI, which already has secured commitments from wireless leaders Ericsson and Nokia-as well as Sony-to use a TI 3G platform based on an integrated TMS320C55x DSP and ARM microprocessor.

But Will Strauss, an analyst at Forward Concepts Co., Tempe, Ariz., says the race is just beginning. Motorola could conceivably wind up inside one of the major cell phones,” Strauss said. Stranger things have happened. You can find TI chips in some Motor-ola cell phones. StarCore is a very powerful chip, and is not without its merits.”

Jeff Bier, general manager of Berkeley Design Technology Inc., Berkeley, Calif., agreed that TI's hold on the 3G market has yet to be tested. I would ask exactly what have Ericsson and Nokia committed to? Their whole product line?” Bier said. If it's true, I don't think they would admit it publicly at this point in the game. The battle is on multiple fronts: performance, energy, cost, and the cost in memory use efficiency, as well as ease of use and programmability. StarCore is at a relative standing start and has a ways to go, but it's very competitive.”

The new Schroff handle is designed to overcome premature failure associated with earlier cPCI handle designs. It has been tested to 200 cycles of insertion/ejection. This matches the life expectancy of the 2mm connector, which is an integral part of the CompactPCI form factor.

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