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<p>UBM TechInsights' teardown analysis of the new iPad, like a separate nalysis conducted by iFixit Inc., revealed multiple design wins for long-time Apple partner Broadcom Corp., as well as key wins for Qualcomm Inc., Cirrus Logic Inc., Skyworks Solutions Inc.  and Triquint Semiconductor Inc.</p>

Acer is already shipping one notebook with a 600M chip. Nine other top notebook makers will follow suit when they ship laptops using Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors , expected to be formally released in late April.

MANHASSET, NY — Pixelligent, a provider of nanocrystal additives, and Brewer Science are using their nanocrystal and microelectronic coating technologies to create a next-generation spin-on hard mask for semiconductor lithography processes.  

Pixelligent Technologies collaborated with Brewer Science with support from National Science and Technology Institute (NIST) providing an $8 million Technology Innovation Program award.      


We have worked very closely with Pixelligent over the past 2 years and have been impressed by their unique capability for producing 2-5 nm diameter, high-purity metal oxide nanocrystals that are stably dispersed in organic media,” said Tony Flaim, CTO of Brewer Science, in a statement.   

When commercialized, the new hard mask will be available in Brewer Science’s OptiStack system of lithography solutions.

Pixelligent’s zirconia and hafnia nanocrystals are used to magnify the optical, electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties of numerous polymer systems. Brewer Science is a process integration house.


Pixelligent will demonstrate results at the June Nanotech Conference & Expo 2012.

MANHASSET, NY — Washington State University will host at its Pullman campus the first-ever conference on the testing of synchrophasors for the electric power grid.


Synchrophasors at power substations measure electric signals several times a second. The data is synchronized by a GPS unit, time-stamped and then reported back to grid control centers. 

Synched information enables operators to transmit more electricity over transmission lines, maximize efficiency and more quickly diagnose problems. Synchrophasors also are used to add renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, to the electric power grid.

According to Doug Hayden, senior director of global product management at Applied Materials' AKT unit, the display industry is in the midst of one of its most significant technical transitions in the past 20 years, with manufacturers transitioning to for metal oxide transistors to support increased resolution requirements.

Applied's new PECVD films provide a dielectric-layer interface for metal oxide transistors that minimizes hydrogen impurities to improve transistor stability and deliver optimized screen performance, according to the company. These silicon oxide films can be deposited by Applied's AKT-PECVD system with precise uniformity on sheets of glass up to 9m2 in size, according to the company.

Applied said it is also developing advanced PVD solutions, including Indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) deposition, for metal oxide manufacturing. Using rotary cathode array technology, Applied is demonstrating highly-uniform, homogeneous and low-defect, active-layer deposition at higher productivity rates and lower material consumption costs than currently available PVD solutions, according to the company.

IGZO is a good material for transistors, but the performance of such transistors can be ruined if the material is exposed to hydrogen, according to Hayden. Applied's solution is to deposit an etch stop layer of silicon oxide, he said. Even with the extra layer, the cost of using IGZO is only about 30 percent higher than using amorphous silicon, he said. Sometime in the next three years, Applied expects the cost of using IGZO to achieve cost parity with amorphous silicon, he said.

Applied said it is showcasing its solutions for metal oxide, thin film transistor liquid crystal display manufacturing at FPD China 2012 this week in Shanghai.

Staffan Iveberg will remain as head of Thin Modem Solutions group, reporting to Ronen Ben-Hamou. Louis Tannyeres, previously in charge of the System Silicon Development group, will focus full-time on his strategic role as chief chip architect, reporting to Lamouche.

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