<p>The RSA solution is based on open industry standards, including the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Digital Rights Management 2.0 standard, RSA Security said.</p>

Fujitsu is positioning the PC's easy connectivity with other digital CE devices as a top priority, said Kimihisa Ito, a Fujitsu corporate executive. Integrating robots in the PC network is an important mission for Fujitsu, he added. We want to use robots as the eyes, ears, legs and arms of a PC.” Fujitsu is launching prototype robots in June of next year.

The peripheral functions built into the MCUs include 16-bit timers (one with input-capture/output-compare capabilities), a single-shunt control function that simplifies controlling 3-phase motors, a serial I/O interface, and a hardware multi-master I2C bus interface. Additional on-chip functions are a 10-bit A/D converter (16 or 27 channels), DMA controller, frequency change function for the on-chip oscillation circuit, and a circuit that ensures reliable start-up after a reset. General-purpose models operate from -20 to +85C, while automotive models are available in versions that operate from -40 to +85C or from -40 to +125C.

To speed the development of systems that use M16C/29 MCUs, Renesas provides the PC7501 full-specification emulator as a development environment. Also, engineers can perform high-speed debugging from a PC using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. In the future, Renesas plans to offer a small, low-priced on-chip debugger that can be used as an ultra-small flash writer. Another future support tool is a low-priced development environment that can be used with devices in both the R8C/Tiny series and H8/300H Tiny series . The technology roadmap includes versions with on-chip mask ROM.


Samples are available now. They are priced from $6 to $7 per unit dependent on memory size and package types.

Readers can find additional product and contact information on the Renesas Technology Web site at www.renesas.com.

WLAN (wireless local area network) performance analysis tool supplier VeriWave (Portland, Oregon) is rolling out what it says is the industry's first automated conformance tests for IEEE-802.11 AP s (Access Points) and clients. The test suites execute on VeriWave's WaveTest Traffic Generator/Performance Analyzer, which we recently reviewed here at eeProductCenter .


The two new conformance test suites address the complexity associated with the development of 802.11 devices. The Client UNH-IOL 802.11 Conformance Test Suite , designed to verify the conformance of drivers used in so-called smart phones, PDA s (personal digital assistants), and NIC s (network interface cards, is already used by a leading WLAN chipset manufacturer.

UNH Approved


The AP UNH-IOL 802.11 Conformance Test Suite, designed to verify the conformance of APs, is used by a major AP vendor, as well as by the UNH-IOL (University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab, Durham, New Hampshire).

The new test suites, with pricing starting at about $29,000, help create accurate and repeatable tests that result in substantial improvements in the device performance. The power and flexibility of the WaveTest system are now combined with a set of comprehensive, easy-to-use, and automated, conformance test suites,” notes Gerard Goubert, manager, Wireless, Bridging and Voice Consortiums at UNH.

One factor that has hindered the adoption of BLDC motors was a lack of economical control electronics. A few years ago, dedicated motor-controller chips became available. They remain extremely viable in situations such as those that need only one or two-fixed speeds. Meanwhile, powerful digital signal controllers with a peripheral set optimized for such applications, yet selling for just several dollars, make even more flexible motor control feasible. As an illustration, this article reviews a BDCM controller design for a high-end energy- and water-saving washing machine (Figure 1). Built around a DSP-based TMS320F24xx digital signal controller, it not only operates the main drive motor, it provides sufficient resources to manage additional components such as auxiliary pumps and solenoids for water control and chemical dispensing. The device also performs active power-factor correction so the appliance draws more power from the same voltage, which is a major advantage in large appliances.

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Concerning its primary task, the device must generate multiple high-frequency, high-resolution PWM waveforms. In addition, it must have sufficient computational power to implement advanced algorithms to minimize torque ripple, perform on-line parameter adaptation, and achieve precise speed control. Further, it enables a small, low-component count design that is easy to manufacture. For instance, a DSP controller can reduce component count by managing all housekeeping chores such as running the user control panel. Finally, such a device is flexible enough to implement market-differentiating features for various models in a product line as well as implement future enhancements through its software so a separate hardware design is not required.

Thus, said Synopsys' Kapur, if you have a chip that goes into a credit card and you are able to scan out information, you might be able to replicate that card.”

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