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The Certify 3.1 software is available now for $115,000 for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and UNIX (Solaris & HP) operatingsystems. Current Certify customers on maintenance will be upgraded at no additional cost.

In space, no one can hear you scream, but that was not the case on Space Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland. The thrill ride was designed to handle twice the number of riders per hour of prior Space Mountain rides.


Since the track was the same length, the Oriental Land Company had decided that the way to run more people thru per hour was to speed up the ride.

After days of meetings trying to get them to reconsider their folly, Disney gave up, presented them with a bill for re-engineering the ride for the higher speeds, and OLC signed a (rather large) check for NRE. New high speed rollers, higher strength truck materials, and a host of other changes were part of the redesign effort.

After the ride was built and given safety clearance, the executives from Oriental Land Company were invited to try out the new high speed ride. With the work lights on, the big green go switch was pressed. When the ride came back into the station, most of the eighteen executives had thrown up, and all but two could barely stand.


Too fast” was about all they could say (with the lights out, it would have been even worse…). The ride was slowed down to a more sedate” pace for the grand opening in 1983.

Last, but certainly not least, has to do with the importance of computer equipment at theme parks.


A typical show control computer in 1980’s was a Data General S250 – with 19 inch rack mount 10MB hard drive, UPS, and show interface the beast weighed over 1000 lbs.

Instead of using a forklift to remove it from the truck, the Japanese decided to use bamboo rollers and manpower.

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Andrew Viterbi, co-founder of Qualcomm and co-inventor of CDMA-based cellular technology, has joined the board of directors for Flarion Technologies (Bedminster, N.J.), a developer of OFDM-based wireless technology for mobile Internet applications.

According to Bill Casey, marketing manager for Flarion, the endorsement of Viterbi — who retired from Qualcomm early last year — validates our technology.”

Flarion, a Lucent spin-off, announced its Flash-OFDM wireless technology in July 2000. According to the company, the technology was a ground-up” approach to wireless data transmission that focused on the data transport first and then layered on voice as the network expanded. Flash” refers to the use of fast hopping to give OFDM even better robustness in the presence of multipath distortion.

Flarion has a great wireless technology and a very impressive team,” said Viterbi. I am pleased to be associated with Flarion and look forward to contributing to its success.” As a member of the board of directors, Viterbi will play a key role in shaping the company's future and technology.

Andy's vision and technology leadership has had a profound impact on the wireless industry,” said Rajiv Laroia, founder and chief technology officer of Flarion Technologies. His contributions will help Flarion strengthen our presence in the market and help our technology realize its full potential. ”

The world's largest supplier of chip-packaging tools posted a net loss of $11.7 million–including charges for two acquisitions in the fourth quarter–and revenues of $155.4 million.

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