<p>The concept of CRM was around in American business before the '80s, when there wasn't such a manic focus on efficiency,” recalls Deloitte's Pratt.</p>

Anyway, onto bigger and brighter things at CES. Displays will be a major part of the show this year with numerous examples of 1080p. DLP won’t be the only display technology with 1080p this year. Epson will have 1080p 3LCD products, and the LCoS companies like Brillian and JVC will be showing new models. Sony will be there with SXRD. Plasma is going 1080p also with examples from LG, Pioneer, Panasonic and Hitachi among others. Possibly Fujitsu also will have a 1080p plasma display. And we know that there will be numerous examples of 1080p LCD panels from several companies such as LG .Philips, Sharp, and some other SE Asian companies in China and Taiwan. Speaking of 1080p, let’s not forgot the SED folks – Canon and Toshiba, who hope to give the flat-panel guys a run for their money. SED will be on the show floor in sizes greater than 50-inches. I can’t wait!

Electroswitch has encountered the same problem, according to Sinick. We try to get leads on companies that are selling lines, but it's difficult. For the most part, we have to wait for something to come along. Normally, there aren't a lot of companies waiting in line to sell lines. And, the companies that are willing to sell, we're not interested in.”

Switch and relay makers also seem to be discovering that it's better to acquire another company's product lines rather than the company itself, thereby eliminating the significant costs associated with a full acquisition and virtually eliminating the need for complex consolidation.

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When Honeywell, for example, acquired Saint Switch, it bought product lines, not buildings and headquarters, Nehlig said. We moved some of their equipment and hired a few of their employees. It had nothing to do with economies of scale because there was nothing to consolidate.”

Said Electroswitch's Sinick: If a company is able to take another company's equipment and absorb it into their manufacturing without adding any additional overhead, it's the quickest way to grow.”

And when C&K finally does take the plunge, its goal isn't to buy a lot of square footage, manufacturing plants, and corners of the world, Sutherby said. We want to take their equipment and move it into our own facilities.”

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Companies on the prowl

As C&K continues to look for the first good fit, a number of companies that have already made acquisitions plan to continue that pursuit.

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C&K is looking to gain a foothold in Europe. Approximately 20% of the company's sales, which are expected to reach about $110 million for the fiscal year ending July 31, are in Europe, Sutherby said.

Our sales there should be closer to 40%. A regional switch supplier with minimum sales of $10 million and 80% of its sales in Europe and 20% in the United States would be a great fit for us,” he said.

UML does not contain any precise way to describe behavior: what happens inside a method or procedure. Of course we can use structured text, but this is only useful as further description. State charts can (and should) be used to show what happens when events occur in our system so that we can analyze sequencing still further.

This helps a little, but again it is just not precise enough to help describe the complete behavior of our system. We cannot, for example, easily (or safely) simulate this. So where can we get help to specify the real-time behavior and can we use this specification to simulate, test and generate 100 percent of our application code?

Any reasonable workflow demands that we move between phases effortlessly while retaining information consistency. The standardized one-to-one mapping between UML and SDL ensures this, allowing automatic translation of UML class diagrams and state diagrams into SDL. All applicable data in these diagrams-for example, class attributes and methods-are mapped into relevant SDL constructs. This is the first real manifestation of what UML describes as a real-time profile for UML.

The transition of UML to SDL is based on UML stereotypes, tagged values and constraints, so the translation is done according to how the designer wants UML entities mapped onto SDL design constructs. This means the design is created exactly how the designer wants.

Consistency checking and analysis to design synchronization-ensuring that both analysis and design are equivalent-is possible as the mapping between UML and SDL is one-to-one. What's more, we can convert UML sequence charts into message sequence charts, which we can feed into or compare with the output from our simulation and testing activities.

IMG employs agents who are fluent in several languages, including Spanish and Italian. If the caller speaks a language that an agent doesn't know, IMG transfers the call to ConnectiCare and then to AT&T's LanguageLine translation service. ConnectiCare directly answers e-mail messages from visitors to the company's Web site.

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