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<p>The offering is expected to yield net proceeds to SanDisk of approximately $504.8 million. The underwriters for the offering have an option to purchase an additional 1,199,400 shares to cover over allotments on the same terms, which would yield additional net proceeds of approximately $75.7 million. The offering is expected to close on September 30, 2003.</p>

Smith has a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the company's modeling technology originated, and worked as a process engineer at IBM Corp. and Texas Instruments Inc. Bob Moore, Praesagus' vice president of marketing, has an EDA background, with previous positions at Cadence Design Systems and CoWare. Praesagus currently employs 14 and is funded by angel investors.

The result will be an achieved cost structures equivalent to or better than projected 90 nm MLC solutions or projected 65 nm single-bit floating-gate flash technology. It is certainly a cost effective design.

The Spansion S29GL512N features several levels of sector protection and security. The umbrella advanced sector protection (ASP) term addresses security issues. The goal is to create a virtual fortress” against unauthorized access such as cloning, hacking, and signal fraud in systems.


Built in is a 128-word/256-byte sector for permanent, secure identification through an 8-word/16-byte random electronic serial number. This serial number is accessible through a command sequence only, and can be programmed and locked at the factory or by the designer/customer.

I can see how a locked block of firmware code could help make a system more reliable. A boot loader or if all else fails diagnostic routines can be used if other main software or firmware is hacked or changed. I wonder, though, how many hackers are good enough to break into a system remotely and reprogram the firmware on your boards.

Physically, the S29GL512N is divided into 512 64-Kword (128-Kbyte) sectors. The up-and-coming 256 Mbit and 128 Mbit parts will also use these 64-Kword (128-Kbyte) sectors. This is a matter of personal preference to designers for a specific application. Some like large blocks since one setup routine can pump a large amount of data into the part. Others prefer more numerous small blocks since there is less programming time for smaller blocks.


Like most NOR flash, the endurance is 100,000 erase cycles per sector with a 20-year data retention. Their performance is in line with other large flash devices with an access time of 90 ns. The granularity of paged-mode operations is an 8-word/16-byte page read buffer and a 16-word/32-byte write buffer, with a pretty good 25 ns page read time.

The active current of 30 mA (typ.) interpage active read current is high compared to smaller flash parts. When reading within a page, this is nicely reduced to 10 mA. Programming requires 50 mA typically (erase/program). Standby is pretty good at 1 µA. I like that the part is 3.0 V only for all read and programming. No multiple voltages here.


Available in either a 56-pin TSOP or 64-ball fortified BGA, engineering samples of the S29GL512N are available now. The up-and-coming S29GL256N (256 Mb) and S29GL128N (128 Mb) are planned to begin sampling in mid 2004.

PORTLAND &#151 Diamanten halten ewig, oder? Nicht wenn es danach geht, was Forscher der Ohio State University (OSU) in der Kristallstruktur des Siliziums zu sehen glauben.

No price was available for Kenwood's tuner at press time.

No redesign neededPhilips engineers said they've been careful to develop their HD Radio chip in a way that makes it possible for automakers to add HD capabilities to existing radio designs, sparing them the cost of having to redesign their products from scratch.

HD Radio technology adds sidebands to existing AM and FM radio frequencies. The sidebands carry additional signals that enable conventional AM radios to produce FM-type” sound, and enable FM radios to produce CD-type” sound, iBiquity said. To accomplish that, however, HD Radio receivers must be endowed with specialized digital signal processors, which allow radios to capture signals from the sidebands.

Philips engineers said they hope to simplify the process of building HD Radios by providing DSP-based plug-in modules that could be easily added to existing DSP-based radios. The SAF3550 accomplishes that by working with an existing Philips chip set, the SAF7730 IF-CarDSP and the TEF6721 companion tuner.

Radio manufacturers prefer to use the platform concept,” Morgan said. With the platform, they have the ability to add HD Radio or leave it off.”

While Tektronix is improving the feature set for its midrange scopes, it's keeping the base price for those scopes intact. For example, the 1-GHz scope in the TDS5000 family will remain priced at around $16,000, Martinez said.

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