<p>More important, Sun wants to leverage Java to tap the advertising bonanza promised by digital TV. Part of the technology's allure to industry is the possibility of interactivity with commercials — allowing viewers to download, for example, information about where to purchase a product in their area, Chu said.</p>

LG Industrial Systems oversaw IC development on the project while LG Technology Complex developed bonding and packaging technology, company officials said.

Meanwhile, Texas Instruments Inc., GlobeSpan Semiconductor Inc., and a host of other chip suppliers at Comdex were rushing out a dizzying array of new DSL devices and architectures, most of which are proprietary and incompatible, despite the industry's new standards. Some DSL chip makers are pre-announcing their products for shipment in late 1999 or beyond.

OEMs in many cases will be hard-pressed to find competitive chipsets today that provide interoperability for both central-office and modem applications. OEMs must generally source their DSL chipsets from only one vendor to ensure compatibility.

DW-50-11-G-D-370-LL_Datasheet PDF

Interoperability is still a big problem in the DSL industry,” said Dwight Decker, president of Conexant Systems Inc. (formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems Inc.), a DSL chipset supplier in Newport Beach, Calif. Even though we've established the G.Lite standard, the industry is just beginning to address the interoperability-testing issues.”

Fundamental problems with the telecommunications infrastructure is another reason why the DSL market is not taking off as fast as chip makers and OEMs had hoped,” said Armando Geday, president and chief executive of GlobeSpan Semiconductor, Red Bank, N.J.

I'm optimistic about DSL technology, but I'm also realistic about what it will take to deploy this technology,” Geday said. On the customer-premise side, the splitterless issue has been solved. We also have robust modems in the market that have been tested under barbed-wire conditions. The real issue with DSL is the signaling problems over existing phone wires.”

DW-50-11-G-D-370-LL_Datasheet PDF

Last week, GlobeSpan announced new capabilities for its DSL chipset lines, including support for G.Lite and other standards.

Paris-based Alcatel, meanwhile, has licensed its full-rate ADSL chips to Japan's Toshiba Corp. In late 1999, Toshiba will bring out its own ADSL chipset, including a G.Lite line.

DW-50-11-G-D-370-LL_Datasheet PDF

Alcatel in the past year has licensed its ADSL technology to other companies in the hope of propelling an interoperability standard-albeit its own. Alcatel's licensees include Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Integrated Telecom Express Inc., and STMicroelectronics.

Alcatel's U.S. telecommunications rival, Lucent, last week took another tack by quietly announcing a chip-set and DSL access multiplexer (DSLAM) equipment for central-office applications that will work in conjunction with its own, hybrid G.Lite/V.90 chips.

The monitor's display is a 15-in. active-matrix LCD with a 1,024 ?? 768-pixel XGA format and the company's proprietary high-efficiency edge-lighting system. It pumps the panel luminance up to a sunlight-readable 900 nits while offering inherently better thermal performance and power utilization than direct backlighting,” a company spokesman said.

The Survivor-LightLink comes equipped with a mounting yoke to accommodate pedestal, wall, and hanging mounts. It meets Class 1 Division 2 NEMA requirements, and an optional purge system is available to bring it to Class I, Division 1 standards.

Other options include an infrared touch screen, ruggedized resistive touch screen, and a keyboard tray with keyboard and mouse. Operating temperature is 0??C to 50??C. With an IR touch screen, the monitor costs $9,995 in OEM quantities, and is available now.

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Compaq began to re-engineer its supply chain back in 1994, when it turned out PCs based on 30- to 45-day forecasts and 30-day build plans, according to Plante. The following year, the company developed an EDI-like system through which it shared forecasts with its suppliers. The suppliers, in turn, would respond with their available supply.

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