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<p>Barcelona, Spain — If there was one overriding theme for this year's 3GSM World Congress here last week, Siemens Communications CEO Thomas Ganswindt summed it up bluntly: There is no such thing as easy mobile money anymore.”</p>

The funding will be supplemented by another $4.6 billion the Ministry of Trade and Industry has pledged to spend over the next five years to groom R&D in important industry clusters” such as electronics.

The VPOM-3430 Virtual Platform enables system designers focusing on converging mobile phones with advanced video and imaging technologies to build and test the software for their systems early on in the development process. This platform also allows designers to take advantage of the new multimedia technologies introduced in the OMAP3430 processor prior to silicon availability.

Virtio Virtual Platforms provide simulated reference designs that deliver system-level software development environments months before the actual development silicon and system may be ready. These platforms provide an ideal way to engage in software development prior to the availability of new hardware. Once the hardware is available, Virtual Platforms continue to provide visibility at later stages of design.

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The VPOM-3430 Virtual Platform simulates all these technologies and also supports TI’s M-Shield security framework enhanced with ARM TrustZone technology, which provides a secure hardware foundation to enable secure applications like digital rights management (DRM), terminal security, and m-commerce.

The VPOM-3430 allows multimedia software developers to leverage all the new technologies introduced in the first OMAP 3 processor,” explained Filip Thoen, Chief Technical Officer of Virtio. By providing a pre-silicon development target, developers can mitigate risk and optimize their software prior to silicon availability.” Thoen added, In addition, the advanced multi-core debug features in Virtio’s platforms enable the software developer to gain better debug visibility and control into this multi-core system and develop software more productively. The result is better software performance and better hardware utilization, delivered more quickly.”

Virtio offers both a standard Virtual Platform and a Platform Development Kit (PDK). With the Virtual Platform, a developer can create and test new software configurations to boot operating systems, run applications or develop low-level drivers. The PDK offers the added ability to customize the platform hardware by using the authoring tools included with the PDK license. A developer can add user-defined instrumentation to easily profile software operations and collect execution statistics in order to fine-tune system and software operation.

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Virtio's VPOM-3430 Virtual Platform starts at $2,488 USD for a single user license and is available immediately. The VPOM-3430 Platform Development Kit is also available for users who need to modify the Virtual Platform. Virtio's VPOM-3430 Platform Development Kit is priced at $12,488 USD and is available now.

Virtio Corp. (408) 341-0844

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Portable Power Seminar Series The 2006 Portable Power Seminar series provides rich technical, yet practical presentations that combine an array of advanced new battery management and power conversion concepts, basic design principles and real-world” applications examples, such as mobile handsets and portable media players. Seminar presenters will cover design issues and considerations, design techniques, topologies, tools and examples.

Topics include: * Battery Selection, Authentication and Cell Balancing * Charger Design and Battery Capacity Technology* LDO Dropout* Evaluation and Performance of Fully Integrated DC/DC Converters* White LED Flash and Display Driver Technology* Thermal Considerations

The seminars began last week in Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and England. Additional seminars are planned for Asia, Japan and North America in the first half of 2006.

North America Dates and Locations : May 8 —– Boston May 10 —– PittsburghMay 12 —– ChicagoMay 22 —– VancouverMay 24 —– San JoseMay 26 —– San Diego

Power Supply Design Seminar Series TI’s leading power management design gurus will conduct a series of one-day Power Supply Design seminars in 36 cities in the United States and Canada from September 13 to November 16. The 2006 series, the 18th since introduced by Unitrode in 1977, will cover new power supply concepts, design principles and practical applications.

After being on the receiving end of hundreds of presentations that have included benchmarks from various sources, we’ve seen the same problems over and over. If you learn what to look for, you won’t be misled—and you won’t inadvertently create misleading materials yourself. To this end, we’ve created our Top Ten list of ways in which benchmarks are abused. In this column we’ll tell you about four of these; next month’s column will cover the rest. In no particular order:

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