Intel Corp. apparently has reversed itself on memory once again and next year will introduce a chipset supporting DDR400.

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<p>It will also be needed to compete head on with rival TSMC as silicon foundry demand surges.</p>

Intel Corp. apparently has reversed itself on memory once again and next year will introduce a chipset supporting DDR400.

It wasn't too many years ago when American high tech execs were complaining of the struggle to compete with the lower cost of capital in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, including low-interest bank loans. The U.S. relied on equity markets for the majority of investment capital, usually at a higher cost and not as readilytapped as easy Asian government-backed bank loans to competitors across the Pacific.

It turns out the American business model was right, and the Asian Miracle” debt financing created a quagmire of cash-strapped companies and banks.

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Belatedly, many Asian electronic behemoths are trying to clean up their acts by raising capital through the equity markets. The first anemic beginnings of stockholder protests are peppering even the chaebol annual meetings.

But before the U.S. electronic world pats itself too much on the bank, let's not forget that Enron was a home-grown scam that could happen again on our shores. Greed knows no national boundaries.

COMMACK, N.Y. — Zetex's ZXM series of 20- and 30-V p-channel MOSFETs comprises eight HDMOS devices that offer high efficiency for low-voltage load-switching applications, thus increasing battery life in portable equipment.

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The devices use a high-density lateral geometry, not the conventional square or hex cellular structures, for a better trade-off between ac and dc switching characteristics. Minimum threshold voltage is 0.7 V at 1 V, letting the MOSFETs secure peak performance from a low-voltage source.

On-resistance is low across the operating range; the ZXM64-P03X, for instance, has an Rds of 100 milliohms at a gate-source voltage of 4.5 V. The gate-source charge is also low, easing requirements on the gate driver. Maximum values range from 0.62 nanocou-lombs for the ZXM61-P03F to 9 nC for the ZXM64P03X. The devices come in miniature surface-mount SOT23, SOT23-6 and MSOP8 packages.

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The 10,000-piece price ranges from 16 cents to 55 cents each. Delivery is said to be eight weeks maximum.

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Such projects are the norm these days in Guadalajara, the current hot spot for electronics manufacturing, and an increasingly important link in the global supply chain.

While a handful of suppliers and OEMs have had a presence here for years, there's been a dramatic surge of activity, driven primarily by contract electronics manufacturers (CEMs) looking for a low-cost manufacturing solution in North America.

It was an easy pick,” said John Flanagan, general manager of LoDan West Inc., a cable-assembly provider that opened a plant here last June. Anybody who's anybody is here.”

Indeed, most of the world's leading CEMs have established operations in Guadalajara and the surrounding state of Jalisco, and they're all expanding.


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