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<p>Among existing interface standards used in machine vision cameras – Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 1394b, and Camera Link – all offer unique capabilities but none are one-size-fit-all due to trade-offs in bandwidth, footprint, cost, and power. While USB 2.0, the most ubiquitous and versatile interface standard in the computing and consumer markets, also plays in the machine vision market, it falls short to other standards when it comes to bandwidth.  This all changes with USB 3.0.</p>

Jamey Jacob, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at OSU, told us that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can penetrate severe thunderstorms, including the supercells from which tornadoes can develop. Once inside the storm, the vehicles measure parameters pertinent to meteorologists, namely pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind speed, that can be useful for predicting storm development and formation.”

Arasan Chip Systems showed its IP blocks in FPGAs enabling the UFS 2.0 interface for plugging chip-level flash drives into smartphones. The 11.6Gbit/s, two-channel interface is a conglomerate of work from the Jedec and Mipi groups. The goal is to enable mobile storage at less than 10 picojoules/bit.

Samsung and Toshiba have said they will make flash chips using the interfaces. At least three apps processor makers have licensed the Arasan technology for chips that could sample before the end of the year.

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The interface is ideal for dense stacks of flash in a package or dense vertical designs like those Samsung discussed last week.

Everybody and his brother is gearing up solid-state drives that ride PCI Express. The next stop for this train is NVMe, an overlay protocol that replaces the somewhat generic PCIe host controller with a flash-specific protocol that aims to lower latency as much as 50 percent while reducing overhead on a host processor.

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Samsung has announced plans for NVMe drives, but no one is shipping them yet. PMC showed a reference card for its NVMe controller is up and running.

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Klein said that over the last three years GreenTouch has set up 16 collaborative projects and conducted two public demonstrations; one on the use of multiple antennas at basestations and a second on bit-interleaved passive optical networks (BI-PON).

The 90 percent energy-saving claim comes from a theoretical exercise although one that is based on a detailed evaluation of what was possible in 2010 and what will be possible in 2020, Klein said.

We designed a baseline reference network for 2010 and looked at traffic volumes and what was possible with the best technology available, LTE and so on. Then we looked at 2020 networks and projected new traffic volumes, capacities and the evolution of protocols and architectures,” said Klein.

4. Maxim Integrated data sheet DS2465 for use with DS28E15, DS28E22, DS28E25.

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