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A couple of weeks ago, I was looking around a room at work that had been used as a bit of dumping ground. I found a few cables and telephones that I recovered for use elsewhere, and then I saw this box:

As a starting point for my project, I required a two-channel ADC. You can see its placement on the device schematic in Figure 1.


My initial thought was that the IP block for the ADC on the PSoC 4 would be nominally the same as on the PSoC 5 (which I used for a previous project), but this was not the case. Cypress has rethought this and created the ADC block with quite a few nice touches. Even though there is only one ADC, it can be configured with up to four differential channels that will automatically sequence through their conversions (you can set delays on each conversion). Furthermore, you can build in averaging automatically, thereby saving you writing the code. Other IP components in the device show a similar flair.

In order to drive my bi-colored LEDs (as discussed in my previous blog) I needed a PWM controller, but I wanted to use a single PWM for both the red and green since I wasn’t varying the shade of orange. I added a few logic gates as illustrated in Figure 2, and I had the functionality that I was looking for. You can’t do that on many micros!


After I had realized this approach, I was looking at the different components (in the form of IP configurations) and came across a device called a PrISM (Precision Illumination Signal Modulation) which had two PWM outputs and the ability to independently control them, which is pretty much had what I had set up. It also has a pseudo random PWM variation to reduce EMI noise. Unfortunately, this is where I bumped into having laid out the PCB beforehand. There weren’t enough resources to allow me to use the PriSM and the SPI controller and some other components that I had selected. If I had laid out the PCB for the fixed output pin version of the SPI, everything would have been fine. It would have been nice to use the PrISM, but not using it wasn’t a show-stopper.

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — Avanti Corp. executives may have put an end to their long-running criminal case by pleading no contest to an assortment of charges Tuesday (May 22), but the company's financial woes may just be beginning. Cadence Design Systems Inc. will seek hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution and will seek a permanent injunction against Avanti's flagship Apollo product, according to Smith McKeithen, Cadence vice president and general counsel.

In the criminal case, a June 4 hearing has been set to determine how much Avanti should pay Cadence for losses it may have suffered as a result of Avanti's now acknowledged misappropriation of Cadence source code. While coming up with an amount is not a simple matter, McKeithen said he expects it to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The 12- and 15-V units operate at a typical efficiency of 80 percent, and 70 percent for the 3.3- and 5-V converters. Input-to-output isolation is 1 kVdc minimum. The converters operate over a temperature range of -25 degrees to +85 degrees C (-40 degrees to +71 degrees C with no derating). OEM quantity pricing for the IA Series is less than $6.

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Profitability is a keyword for Torbjvrn Johnson's latest company, Radio Components

The company creates antenna solutions that could make 3G profitable, among other things. It could even increase GSM coverage to the extent that it should be possible to replace the landline network, for which maintenance is much more expensive than for a wireless network created with the few antennae needed by Radio Components' technology.

Early last year Torbjvrn Johnson launched his new company, Radio Components. This is his third company after the successful Radiosystem, which was sold to Ericsson in the eighties for SKr485m ($48.5m) and his less successful company Radio Design, the remains of which were disposed of and is now called A Brand New World.

About a year ago, we began isolating specific activities that seemed to generate a lot of support requests, and began producing short, targeted videos that demonstrated the proper execution of a given task. Let me show you an example.

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