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<p>First off, perceptual computing, a rather obtuse name for a cool topic, imparting human senses or the ability to naturally perceive human intentions to computing devices, thereby making them intuitive and easier to use.</p>

As many as 22 of the next-generation fabs will be processing silicon by early 2003. The main driving force is lower production costs. The 300-mm ramp will dominate the industry's efforts in production during the next five years,” said Joel Monnier, R&D director at STMicro. While the industry's earlier switch to the 8-inch wafer was a slow process, the 12-inch wafer is taking off like a flock of birds,” said Peter Kücker, who runs the Infineon-Motorola pilot line in Dresden.

Delivery is one to two weeks for most indicators.

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You've decided to provide live agent e-mail response, web callback, escorted browsing and possibly video, to meet customer needs for service and sales via these channels. Yet is the most important component of your call center – your agents – capable and ready to communicate through these methods? Have you selected and trained agents that are best able to contact and respond in these new media channels?

This is a vital question that you must answer satisfactorily before going live with multimedia customer service and sales.

Not all of the agents who handle your voice calls have the skills these new channels require. They may not have the reading comprehension, grammar, spelling and quick writing skills to respond on-line. Or, they may not have the customer-acceptable appearance and body language – the same attributes required for working in restaurants and retail – for appearing on a video monitor.

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Do not be surprised if your call center is not properly staffed to handle multimedia contacts. A recent industry survey conducted by training products firm Knowlagent (Atlanta, GA) and Call Center Magazine found that two-thirds, or 65% of call center professionals rated their call or contact center teams ineffective in their use of customer service technology across multiple channels.

Our research indicates that many businesses rate themselves unprepared to meet the customer service challenge that accompanies our robust economy,” says Knowlagent CEO Phil Solomon. More sophisticated merchandise and technology-related items [are being] purchased than ever before, and there are going to be a tremendous number of customers seeking help and advice through multiple channels – both on-line and by telephone. The stakes have never been greater for the contact center, and Web-enabled learning technology is an important part of the answer.”

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Text-Based Media Skills

The skills involved when agents sell and serve customers on-line through e-mail, text chat, and to an extent in escorted browsing, are as different as talking is from writing. It is one thing to convey empathy or make a sales pitch with voice. It is quite another to accurately and effectively communicate these emotions and actions in text.

The acquisition complements REMEC's Costa Rica operation and does not detract from our plans to develop our engineering and manufacturing capacity in China,” according to CEO Ron Ragland. The 17-year-old San Diego company expects to complete the deal by the end of January.

Pacific Microwave specializes in backend production and testing of radio-frequency (RF), microwave, and millimeter-wave gallium-arsenide (GaAs) devices, subsystems, and boards for broadband wireless applications. It employs about 850 workers.

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