<p> But on the positive side for global chip makers, Joseph said major Korean chip-makers, such as Samsung, are now slashing their capital spending due to their inability to borrow, and as a result, they won't be able to add capacity that might have put further pressure on commodity chip prices.</p>

During the meeting, IPC is holding tours of six locations at the NSWC-Crane facility that focus on various issues important to the electronic interconnection industry:PWB fabrication and design, failure analysis, environmental test, material analysis,chemical/material analysis, and ordinance environmental test.

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Mountain View, Calif.–Feb. 23, 1998–Synopsys, Inc. announced that by the end of 1998 it will offer many of its electronic design automation chip development tools for Intel-based workstations running Microsoft Windows NT. This major Synopsys charter will give chip developers a wider choice of computer platforms on which to design complex microchips, including microprocessors–the brains” of all personal computers. Also, as part of the commitment to the Intel-based Windows NT platform, Synopsys will become the first EDA developer to comprehensively address design engineering requirements for network environments consisting of Unix and Windows NT servers and workstations. By year's end, a majority of Synopsys's design tools will run on Intel-based Windows NT workstations while continuing to run on Unix.

Additionally, Synopsys will work with Intel to deliver products on Intel's IA-64 microprocessor architecture, beginning with the Merced processor that will become available in 1999.

With Synopsys set to offer both Intel/NT and RISC-based/Unix versions of its popular EDA products, developers can choose the hardware platform configuration that best suits their individual design flow, budget, and network requirements. Synopsys tools for the Intel-based Microsoft Windows NT platform will provide the same capabilities as Synopsys's Unix-based design software at a lower cost of platform ownership, yielding increased productivity.

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Synopsys's intention to support Intel-based workstations running Windows NT signals a major platform shift in the EDA arena, an industry that has been traditionally dominated by Unix. Additionally, Synopsys's move to Intel workstations is an endorsement of the capabilities of those computers to run high-performance IC design applications.

Along those lines, Synopsys will help conquer interoperability issues by forming an Interoperability Task Force to ensure the transparent interoperation of Synopsys's tools used in mixed Unix and Windows NT environments. In addition to Intel Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., Microsoft Corp., Sun Microsystems, Inc., IBM Corp., and Hewlett- Packard Company, several customers are expected to work with Synopsys on this effort.

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This industry task force will team Synopsys's engineers with technical marketing and engineering experts from these member companies to address all areas of interoperability. More details on the Interoperab


Further confirming the effect of problems in Asia, three-month average bookings and billings for the North American semiconductor equipment industry were down by roughly equal amounts for February, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) said Wednesday. The industry posted a book-to-bill ratio of 0.92 (preliminiary) for February.

The revised number put out by SEMI for January is 0.93, down from the preliminary figure of 0.94. December's number was completed at 0.99, down from the 1 figure in last month's report.

Three-month average shipments decreased in February to $1.4 billion. The figure is 4 percent below the January 1998 level; on the other hand, it is 38 percent above the February 1997 level. Three-month average bookings also decreased in February 1998 to $1.3 billion. The bookings figure is 5 percent below the January 1998 level, but is still 17 percent above theFebruary 1997 level.

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 31 percent of the global market for equipment, and consequently, it's no surprise that events in the Asian financial markets may be impacting the equipment industry,” said Dick Greene, principal analyst with SEMI. Of course, suppliers are closely monitoring economic developments in that region and looking for the situation to stabilize.”

March 13, 1998–Fintronic USA and VaST Systems Technology Corp introducedthe FinSwHw and Comet families of hardware-software cosimulation tools withextremely high simulation performance and detailed hardware andsoftware timing.

DRS posted operating income of $3,715,000, a 14 percent increase over the $3,254,000 reported for the same period a year earlier. Operating income for the nine-month period was $9,899,000, 13 percent higher than $8,754,000 posted for the first three quarters of fiscal 1998.

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