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<p>We will also return a significant sum to shareholders,” he said.</p>

HyperTransport technology moves data from processors to peripherals at speeds up to 60 times faster than a PCI bus (32-bit bus operating at 66 MHz). It is also expected to improve the performance of a variety of computing and networking devices, including PCs, workstations, servers, Internet routers, optical switches, enterprise networks, central office equipment and cellular base stations.

Dense-Pac said it recently received a three-month commitment for its Memory Stack products from major PC manufacturer, which was not identified. The three-month commitment for orders was valued at more than $850,000, according to the Garden Grove company.

Recent order activity indicates some strength is building in our market, and we are hopeful of continued business from this customer after the initial commitment,” said Kevin Perry, vice president of sales and marketing at Dense-Pac. Overall, we are seeing healthy interest in our technology as the need for higher density memory continues to grow–especially in the server and network segments of the market,” he added.

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Dense-Pac did say how many direct-labor jobs were being created to handle the increase in orders for 3-D packaging, but the company recently reported that it had 112 full-time employees at the end of April, with about 47 in manufacturing and testing operations.

Feeling the economic pinch of the electronics industry's downturn, Converge Inc., an industry-led exchange, today laid off an unspecified number of people, primarily in its component trading business.

Robert Kramich, Converge's vice president of marketing, confirmed that there were layoffs at the Peabody, Mass., company, but would not provide details about the number of people who were affected.

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We are going through a reduction in workforce. It was a market-driven decision,” Kramich said.

Kramich said many of the lay-offs came from Converge's traditional brokerage business, the former NECX operation. NECX was acquired by Converge in February, and since then Converge has been developing the NECX infrastructure into its ConvergeTrade platform, a software tool aimed at enabling buyers and sellers to connect via the Web.

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Kramich said staff reductions also occurred in other areas of the business, but declined to comment further.

MANHASSET, N.Y. — The HomePlug Powerline Alliance announced the completion of its 1.0 specification for powerline-based home networks at PC Expo on Tuesday (June 26), and said vendors will bring to market products that meet the spec's 14-Mbit/second data rate this year and next.

Bookings declined in each of the first five months of 2001,” said Tom Hart, president and CEO of QuickLogic. May bookings were particularly disappointing and are contributing to lower-than-expected revenues for the second quarter.

At the same time, the decline in the booking rate appears to be bottoming, with a slight improvement in June,” he added. New design activity continues to be strong, so we remain optimistic about our long-term growth opportunities, particularly for our embedded standard products.”

Last year, I attended a 50th birthday party at a restaurant. The lighting was kind of low and when the menus came around, everyone at the table (except me) pulled out his or her phone and turned on the LED flashlight. At the next table, where a group gathered for a 30th birthday, nobody needed the extra light. If our recent survey of EE Times and EDN readers is any indication, plenty of you use your phones to read menus.

OK, not everyone who reads EE Times is over 50, but the vast majority of you (74%) have at least 20 years of experience, according to out EE Times/EDN recent test & measurement market survey shows.

Given India's huge rural population and the government's increasing emphasis on the benefits of information technology reaching people across all social and economic strata, the task force said the new lab would seek to foster innovation and deployment of technologies that would benefit the broadest possible segment of the population. That goal stems from the reality that India's booming software industry has benefited only urban areas, largely leaving poor rural regions behind.

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