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<p>Driving this shift is the programming model demanded by these applications. The special-purpose accelerator — which is one large array of multipliers — is highly efficient, though rather inflexible, both in operations it performs and data movement. Contrast this with a general-purpose processor like the x86 that allows the programmer the ultimate flexibility to program without regard to the constraints of the compute engine — if only the design has 100W of power to burn, which most don’t.</p>

A simple way to implement a new USB Type-C DRP design (power source and power sink)

Having just posted its fourth consecutive profitable quarter, Tesla is now eligible for inclusion in the S&P 500. On current trends Tesla’s valuation will soon exceed that of global GDP. For a mere mortal that would be mathematically impossible, but I’m not betting against this guy. Then there’s Hyperloop; Neuralink; and his comprehensive coronavirus expertise.

The conclusion: Elon’s too S3XY for Earth and so bored it hurts. The solution: Life on Mars?

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Once any entrepreneur has become one of wealthiest people on Earth, what better way is there to enjoy the riches of success than to decamp to an inhospitable, freezing, planet? Maybe the plans are advanced and he will be leaving on a SpaceX very soon.

Of course, on Mars there will be no one watching as Elon shakes his little tush on the catwalk but you’ll have to decide for yourself whether that is good or bad. I love Elon and would really miss him. Everything he says makes me laugh and that’s what makes him a genius.

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— Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research, writes a column, Seriously Skeptical, on EE Times.


FW-02-05-F-D-400-090_Datasheet PDF

Seriously Skeptical by Colin Barnden

When there’s a device-chain trouble, who you gonna call?


CES Unveiled: Gadget Fest with a Moment of Zen


By Junko Yoshida

In China, AutoX has robotaxi services operations in several cities including Shanghai, where it has 100 AVs on the road. AutoX is cooperating with several taxi operators and multiple auto OEMs such as BYD, Dongfeng and FCA.

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