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<p>The PC market is doing OK,” said Joseph Byrne, a semiconductor industry analyst at Gartner Inc., a technology research company based in Stamford, Conn. Sales are better than a year ago by a long shot.” Gartner expects global PC shipments to hit 185 million units in 2004-a solid 12.6 percent increase from 2003.</p>

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Last week, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers announced their support of HD-DVD.

Buena Vista said in a statement that it will begin releasing content non-exclusively in Blu-ray format when Blu-ray hardware launches in the North America and Japan.

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Disney is apparently keeping its options open. It could still release content in other formats if a deal met the studio's criteria for consumer adoption, content capacity and copyright protection.

A Sony spokeswoman told EE Times that the timing for Disney's releasing titles in the Blu-ray format should coincide with the launch of the second-generation Blu-ray hardware scheduled at the end of 2005 or early 2006.

Second-generation Blu-ray hardware, unlike the current generation Blu-ray video recorders/players, which must use a disK housed in a cartridge, will be able to deploy a non-cartridge disk, said the Sony spokeswoman. Disney has been waiting for it.”

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TDK recently developed a special scatch-resistant coating that will eliminate the need to keep Blu-ray disks in a cartridge, she explained. First-generation Blu-ray video recorders/players have been launched in Japan by Sony, Panasonic and Sharp.

Whether Disney's support for Blu-ray will tip the balance in the emerging high-definition DVD format war is far from clear.

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Toshiba Corp. claimed that three studios that recently backed its HD DVD format together control nearly 45 percent of the U.S. DVD market in the first half of 2004.

Besides Disney, Blu-ray supporters include Sony Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc, which was recently acquired by a Sony-led consortium. Sony is also counting on the support from 20th Century Fox, which joined the Blu-ray Disc Association last summer. Fox, however, has yet to publicly commit to the Blu-ray format.

Richardson, Tex. – TDK Innoveta's Supereta iQM Series of quarter-brick DC/DC converters now include 12-volt, 18-amp and 5-volt, 35-amp models for expanded intermediate-bus applications. Touting high usable power, tight regulation, and high reliability in harsh environments, the converters feature an insulated metal substrate (IMS) for superior thermal performance. The 12-volt, 18-amp model delivers 13 amps at 60&degC for 300 lfm cooling (no heatsink), and the 5-volt, 35-amp model provides 30 amps (same conditions).

All iQM series converters employ auto recovery circuits to fully protect against input over-voltage and under-voltage, over-temperature, output over-current, andoutput over-voltage. The modules feature a wide output voltage trim range for improved flexibility. The iQM series is approved to EN60950 for basic insulation and manufactured in an ISO9000 certified facility. The iQM48018A120V (12 volts, 18 amps), and iQM48035A050V (5 volts, 35 amps) are priced at $85 each in 1k unit quantities. Samples are available now.(877) 498-0099www.tdkinnoveta.com

AUSSONNE – Le spécialiste français des biens d’équipement pour l’industrie des semi-conducteurs, Recif, annonce la nomination de Frédéric Lasbordes en tant que directeur financier à compter du 13 décembre 2004. Il succède à Eloi Delorme.

Après sept années au sein de Recif, Eloi Delorme se retire pour poursuivre des projets personnels. Il demeurera, toutefois, associé à l’entreprise « en qualité de conseiller à la direction financière et du président », précise-t-on dans un communiqué.

M. Delorme sera remplacé par Frédéric Lasbordes à son poste de directeur financier de Recif. M. Labordes a rejoint la société toulousaine en décembre 2000 pour exercer les fonctions de directeur comptable. Précédemment, il a travaillé dans un cabinet d’expertise comptable à Toulouse.

En tidig varning av en falerande motor kan spara stora kostnader och mer allvarliga konsekvenser kan undvikas.

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