<p>Knowm’s unique perspective comes from its combo ‘Anti-Hebbian and Hebbian’ (AHaH) machine learning approach using memristors (others use one or the other, but only Knowm uses both at once) thus allowing the customer to define their own specific learning algorithm using the same building blocks.</p>

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One newly established patent pool, for example, is called HEVC Advance. Separate from MPEG LA, it proposes to charge service providers for transmitting content encoded in HEVC. If this becomes a reality, it’s a big blow to companies such as Netflix and Amazon, adding a cost they weren’t counting on. Both companies are charter members of the Alliance for Open Media.

The patent pool for AVC/H.264, currently the most widely used video codec for Internet content, does not charge a royalty for free AVC-encoded content distributed over the Internet.

ceramic capacitor vs electrolytic

One analyst said that since the HEVC Advance pool hasn’t officially kicked off its licensing program (most likely they will this fall), it’s possible” that the Alliance for Open Media could pressure HEVC Advance into backing down.

But so far, the sides aren’t talking.

New video codec for streaming video The Alliance for Open Media is also not talking specifics on its new video codec technology. Further, as of today, the Alliance has no video codec demonstration to show, even though a couple of big consumer and broadcasting tradeshows — IFA and IBC — are under way in Europe.

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However, that’s not to say the Alliance’s member companies lack for video expertise. Two weeks ago, Cisco announced its Thor video codec. Google has VP10, and Mozilla started its own Daala project.

David Bryant, Mozilla’s interim CTO, vice president of Platform Engineering, wrote Tuesday in his blog post, Things are moving fast for royalty-free video codecs.” He added, We started our own Daala project and formed NETVC to meet those needs, and we’ve seen explosive interest in the result. We believe that Daala, Cisco’s Thor, and Google’s VP10 combine to form an excellent basis for a truly world-class royalty-free codec.”

ceramic capacitor vs electrolytic

Asked how the new group’s video codec will be different from HEVC, two spokesmen for the Alliance, Matt Frost of Google and Ian Le Grow of Microsoft, told EE Times in an email exchange: The Alliance for Open Media is working on the next generation of internet video technology — a qualitative step beyond H. 265.”

But really, what specifics couldn’t be accomplished by HEVC/H.265?

The demonstration floor can accommodate up to 15 visitors at a time and houses 120 IoT products providing live demonstrations by virtue of truck-wide server hubs, which also control the climate of the trailer. The truck also features a connected kitchen using Freescale’s solid state radio frequency (RF) transistors to cook the food to perfection, along with a cloud-connected keg refrigerator for drinks and an open-air deck on top of the truck to enjoy your food and drink.

Demonstrations for smart cities and smart energy include an enterprise access point, an environmental logger gateway, an environmental logger sensor, IP security cameras, low-power LED street lighting, Nivis Metro Tower edge nodes and edge routers, a programmable flying robot, a proximity occupancy thermostat and two smart metering systems.

Demonstrations for the smart home and buildings section include a Big Ass Intelligent Fan, smart door locks, smart HDMI dongles, smart landscape irrigation, a proximity occupancy thermostat, the Simplifi wireless connectivity provider by BrightSKY, smart sensors including cab temperature, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Viking Electronics also demonstraqtes a VoIP Entry Phone and Arcturus Networks demonstrates both VoIP phones and a associated IoT Development Platform.


Timing also mattered.

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