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When the incredibly popular story of Ender’s Game is brought up in conversation, typically the conversation quickly turns into a discussion of the author’s personal views and story’s simplicity.

I won’t discuss author Orson Scott Card‘s beliefs here but instead focus on a part of the story that I thought was incredibly insightful to what we talk about here on EE Times: technology. In particular, a sub-plot from the 1985 book anticipates some technologies that are common today.

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This entire sub-plot was not included in the movie released in 2014.

The sub-plot to which I refer is the story of Locke and Demosthenes. Many people have a hard time recalling these two names, even if they loved the book. Considering you have Ender’s internal turmoil as well as the exciting games to focus on, it’s understandable to gloss over the story of his siblings’ exploits.

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It goes something like this: While Ender was kicking butt in space, Peter and Valentine, his brother and sister, were back on earth making some history of their own. When they were supposed to be doing their school work on their tablet computers, they were actually creating false identities and becoming political figure heads on the Internet.

Let’s break this down a bit just to see how interesting this little side story is. The actions of Peter or Locke” and Valentine or Demosthenes” were, in my opinion, incredibly accurate observations by Card.

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Tablet computersThe siblings did all of their browsing, studying, and playing on tablet computers. I realize that Card wasn’t the first person to come up with the concept. As someone politely pointed out, tablets were almost common in science fiction by the mid 1970s. They had even already appeared in movie versions of books, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey.

However, as I sit and watch my 10-year-old son browse YouTube from his Nexus 7, I have to admit that I envision Card’s interpretation more than some of the more utilitarian versions I’ve encountered in other books. Of course, Card had roughly 20 years of advancements between him and 2001: A Space Odyssey, so his more nonchalant use should come as no surprise.

As you are doubtless aware, the Russian-American theoretical physicist Professor Andrei Dmitriyevich Linde was one of the first to postulate the inflationary universe theory, along with the theory of eternal inflation and the inflationary multiverse. The inflationary universe theory explains what may have happened the first fraction of a second after the universe appeared in the Big Bang.

Just one hour ago, as I was writing this post, CNN announced gravitational waves detected.” We are talking about the detection of primordial gravitational waves. These ripples in the very fabric of space and time carry echoes of the Big Bang from nearly 14 billion years ago. Furthermore, they may offer evidence supporting Professor Linde’s theories.

But wait, there’s more. Just a few minutes ago, I received an email from my friend Javi Garcia-Lasheras in Spain, who has been doing some rather interesting work at CERN. He also likes to keep his finger on what is happening in the space-time continuum. He pointed me toward a YouTube video in which Chao-Lin Kuo, an assistant professor of physics at Stanford, surprises Linde with evidence that supports his cosmic inflation theory.

Physicists around the world are racing to analyze these results further. If they are confirmed, it means another gigantic step toward a theory of everything that unites quantum mechanics and gravitational effects and furthers our understanding of the universe. Just wait until I call my mom in England and tell her what’s going on.

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