<p style=MANHASSET, N.Y. &#151 A combination of slower than expected demand and an onslaught of new fab capacity has created an oversupply of large liquid crystal display (LCD) panels, likely stimulating price cuts for at least another quarter, said market research firm iSuppli/Stanford Resources (Santa Clara, Calif.).

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On the softer side, PENTXM Series SBCs support embedded Linux, VxWorks, Windows XP and Embedded XP operating systems.

FuelCell Energy ist ein Hersteller von Hochtemperatur-Wasserstoff-Brennstoffzellen und erhofft sich von dem neuen Vertrag einen markanten Wissensvorsprung. Insbesondere bei elektrischen und thermischen Betriebsparametern, aber auch beim Wirkungsgrad und der Leistungsfähigkeit eines direkten Brennstoffzellen-Kraftwerks will FuelCell sein Know-how erweitern. Die Stromerzeugung soll für die teilweise Versorgung von Concurrent Technologies' Environmental Technologies Facility genutzt werden. Die Hochtemperatur-Hitze des Kraftwerks wird dagegen in eine Absorptions-Kühlanlage fließen, die Concurrent Technologies als Klimaanlage nutzen wird.

Mit zunehmender Sorge um zukunftssichere Energiequellen wächst auch das Interesse an Brennstoffzellen. Die möglichen Applikationen reichen dabei vom Fahrzeugantrieb, Notebook-Akkus bis hin zu Netz-Backupanlagen und ganzen Kraftwerken.

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Im Rahmen des zwölfmonatigen Programms wird FuelCell Energy die Rechte an der Anlage behalten, während man sich die Betriebs- und Wartungskosten mit der U.S. Army ERDC-CERL teilen wird.

Redmond, Wash. — Data I/O Corp. is now offering programming support for Intel's PCA processor family beginning with the PXA271 and PXA272 devices in SCSP (Stacked Chip Scale Package). With this support, Intel's customers now have both desktop and volume programming solutions. First shipments of the algorithms and socket modules have begun.

The Data I/O's FlashPAK and PS288/PS300 systems utilize the same device algorithms and socket adapter modules and make easy the migration of programming support from design to production environments. We are pleased to announce the support for this new Intel processor family,” said Bruce Rodgers, Data I/O's Director of Semiconductor Relations & Marketing.

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For more information, see www.dataio.com or call 800-426-1045.

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LONDON — Cypak AB, a company developing radio frequency identification, processing and communication technology applications, has received 30 million Swedish Krona (about $4 million) from the Swedish Industrial Development Fund and IT Provider, a venture capital group.

While other RFID companies have pursued RFID sensors working with fixed infrastructure, Cypak wants to embed RF powered microcontrollers in paper products to enable monitoring and control functions in a wide variety of paper-based applications.

A key component of the portable system is the fuel cell technology developed by Medis Technologies. Marzilli said the fuel cell liquid can be injected into a cartridge that can be snapped into the system. He said the system's requirements call for its components to be rugged, easy-to-use, reliable and small. He added that the fuel cell reservoirs being developed can vary in size, although they typically are likely to be the size of a computer mouse.

Medis Technologies, a participant in the project, has indicated that in a few quarters it could have a commercially available fuel cell product similar to the one being used by General Dynamics in the project. Medis has already successfully demonstrated liquid fuel cell systems that operate portable electronic devices.

TOKYO — Seiko Epson Corp. has developed a flying microrobot capable of autonomous flight. The prototype robot evolved from an initial version shown last November that was controlled from the ground.

Epson has been pursuing micromechtronics as one of its core technologies. The technology originated with wrist watches produced by its Seiko group. Seiko Epson has been developing miniature robots to demonstrate its technology and stimulate R&D.

Starting with 1 mm3 robot called Monsieur, which was listed in the 1993 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's smallest microrobot, Epson sold microrobots during the mid-1990s. The latest version, called the muFR-II, adds a flight capability.

Nortel s’est remis au travail sur le plan financier depuis l’annonce de difficultés dans ses processus comptables au mois de mars de cette année. Cette annonce avait mené à l’éviction de trois responsables, notamment le PDG et le directeur financier de la société. A l’heure actuelle, sept autres directeurs dans le monde ont été licenciés en raison des problèmes annoncés en mars, déclare William Owens, Président-directeur général actuel de Nortel.

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