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Swerve Client is said to be the first publicly demonstrated JSR 184 3D applications platform for wireless devices. It is optimized for small download sizes, and saves memory and download time, making it ideal for wireless applications.GNEX is the next generation of Sinjisoft's GVM, the predominant mobile gaming solution in Korea. A virtual machine optimized for mobile handsets, GNEX is a solution that allows multimedia content to be downloaded via the wireless interface.Sinjisoft's mobile gaming solutions have been ported to more than 16 million handsets and supports more than 10 million consumer downloads per month. It is servicing through SK Telecom (CDMA) in Korea and Partner Communication (GSM/GPRS) in Israel.

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MANHASSET, N.Y. — The U.S. Air Force has awarded a multiyear contract that calls for Microsoft Corp. to consolidate 38 software license agreements and tighten security features.

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Part of the service's One Air Force One Network initiative, the agreement could amount to more than $500 million over six years, Microsoft said. The contract is part of an overall agreement with Dell Computer, which will supply more than 525,000 software licenses for desktop computers and servers.

Our group will work directly with the Air Force,” said Al Horowitz, general manager, Microsoft public sector services. With security as a driver of the contract, he added that improved security will be integrated across the board among Air Force users globally.

While the announcement centered on the software side of the contract, details on the hardware portion weren't released, although Microsoft did say that the agreement includes some hardware presumably to be supplied by Dell. Curt Kolcun, general manager for Microsoft Federal, noted that Dell is acting in the position of the large account reseller” in the contract.

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Microsoft will provide core server software including Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Systems Management Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server.

By consolidating 38 previously-established software license agreements, the Air Force will be able to implement standard software configurations across the service's global operations. By consolidating purchases of software and hardware products across its enterprise, the Air Force will be able to enhance IT operations globally through better management, policies and planning,” Kolcun added.

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The software part of the contract will be provided in part by Microsoft enterprise strategic consultants and technical account managers who will work with Air Force personnel, Microsoft said, noting that by consolidating the existing 38 disparate software licenses into a single enterprise, the service can acquire new software from a single source.

A goal of improving security runs through the announcement, which stated: Also core to this strategic agreement is a highly proactive effort by the Air Force and Microsoft to jointly work to solve security concerns across the Air Force's global enterprise.”

Die Blackfin-Version des Betriebssystems soll Ende dieses Jahres oder Anfang 2005 auf den Markt kommen.

Edinburgh, UK —Wolfson Microelectronics plc is addressing the growing in-car DVD player market with a new version of its WM8718 differential stereo digital-to-analog converter (D/A converter), which features improved audio quality and smaller packaging.

Offered in a compact 4mm x 4mm QFN package, the WM8718QFN is meant for size-critical applications. With a 111dB signal to noise ratio ('A' weighted at 48 kHz) and -100dB total harmonic distortion, the device features differential outputs for improved audio quality. Left and right zero flag outputs allow control of external mute circuits. The WM8718QFN is specified for operation over the automotive temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees centigrade.

Luxury vehicles are increasingly differentiated by in-car entertainment systems. Our new device directly addresses the reliability, performance and size constraints of the automotive industry,” said John Crawford, product manager, Wolfson Microelectronics. In addition, it includes several key architectural features that improve performance and lower the overall system cost.”

For memory applications, the ring laser flip-flops could encode one state as a 1 and the other as a 0. The group claims that logic functions could also be fabricated with the scheme, qualifying ring lasers as a potential building block for optical computers that could process, as well as store, information with photons.

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