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What will be the same is the process design kit, including the extensive design guidelines” that now run upward of 300 pages for the process, Meyer said. And because 90 nm is proving to be a fundamentally different experience for many design teams than previous processes, there will be another layer of commonality as well.

Optical component maker raises $13 million

Canadian invests $17.5 million in wireless LAN systems provider

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Canadian invests $10 million in Indian communications firm

Canadian metro-edge firm secures $2.5 million funding, names director

3GSM processor firm sells $10 million equity ahead of chip sampling

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Two key licensees help reconfigurable array company raise $15 million

Digital television chip company raises $11.5 million

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VC firm, Vinod Khosla put extra $7.5 million into structured ASIC firm

Sound MEMS company raises $15 million

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TOKYO — Toshiba Corp. will use a former CRT factory for volume production of surface-conduction electron-emitter (SED) displays beginning in January 2007.

Toshiba said Tuesday (May 31) is will use the converted Himeji plant in Hyogo prefecture to produce SED panels, which promise improved picture quality and lower power consumption than LCD panels.

Canon Inc. originally developed the SED panel, and Toshiba has collaborated with Canon since 1999 to develop larger panels for TV screens.

Toshiba and Canon established a joint venture last October called SED Inc. to manufacture SED products. Canon holds a 50.002-percent share, and Toshiba holds the rest. Pilot production is scheduled to begin in August, with a startup capacity of 3,000 units a month at Canon's Hiratsuka plant. The first panels measure 50 inches on a diagonal.

The device is configurable up to 128 individual queues that can be programmed through a serial or parallel port. It can also perform like a large DDR FIFO and be configured to one queue to support very fast buffers in the data stream.

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