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<p>The conventional approach to increasing spectral efficiency is to decrease coding redundancy, increase coding gain or increase modulation density. A simple theoretical capacity analysis shows that these techniques alone are not enough to satisfy the needs of 802.11n.</p>

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Streamlining with a GDS-based flow

A GDS-based flow enables an efficient exchange of data between the pointsolutions in the current flow. Depending on the path through the flow, the formatting/fracturing step is conducted at the last moment, just prior to mask writing. Introduction of biases, tool switches and manufacturing site transfer related changes to the data are efficiently conducted in a hierarchical format and use about 10 – 20% of the time it currently requires. The open format also enables the interoperation of different tools in the same flow and an easy extension into new functions if required.

RNC55J1163BSRE6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Hierarchy preservation and management in the data flow has many benefits. Geometry count (a measure of the file size) is reduced significantly when hierarchy is present. An efficient hierarchical engine optimizes the hierarchy during the read-in step and reduces the geometry count yet further.

The benefit of hierarchy pays off particularly well if a sufficient number of placements are present, specifically in large arrays often found in memory chips. The development trend in microprocessors shows a growing portion of the area is hierarchy-aware; flow optimization allows hierarchy to be maintained even in complex shape processing. The same holds for systems on chip. Figure 3 shows examples of the hierarchy benefit for the file size after the application of model-based OPC.

RNC55J1163BSRE6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Even as ground rules shrink, efficient OPC can preserve a significant portion of the hierarchy. Figure 4 evaluates the data ratio for flat versus hierarchical OPC depending on ground rule and optical diameter. It illustrates that hierarchy utilization and preservation will still yield a 5-fold benefit at 65nm, even with an aggressive optical diameter.

RNC55J1163BSRE6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Test results prove GDS hierarchy improves flow

Experiments conducted at a prominent mask house illustrate the benefit of hierarchy in the mask data preparation flow. Portions of various test cases were fractured hierarchically starting with a GDS-II file. The run times and file sizes were recorded. The same portions were then flattened completely and processed again. Figure 5 shows the processing time ratios and for the MEBES fracture. Files were written into MODE 5 with 64-stripe compaction, and typical orientation commands were conducted during the run.

The message throughput is much more consistent than the speedup ratios shown in Figure 1. This rate is dependent on the workstation CPU, so the consistent performance metric is Messages / Second / GHz-CPU (M/S/G). This throughput is a result of several factors, including the raw bandwidth of the hardware interface, the latency of the hardware interface, the throughput of the communication software layer, and the software thread switch time. None of these factors alone can give a meaningful prediction.

Mapping and prediction

A user considering or comparing emulator platforms can go through the following steps:

Targeting design decomposition. Determine the configurations and modes of operation required in emulation to meet the test goals. Identify the transaction level interface in the test environment, and the required BFMs.

DPAC also provides the multichip module on which the device is based as an embedded component selling for $70 in ten thousands. It has about a dozen design wins for the module that has been shipping since October.

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