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<p>Sanmina-SCI, a San Jose EMS provider, will expand its presence in Israel under an agreement to acquire Elscint Limited's manufacturing, assembly, engineering and integration facility in Ma'a lot, Israel. Financial terms of thetransaction were not disclosed.</p>

Intellectual property from Memec Design ties these devices together. The RLDRAM development platform is available through Insight in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe; Impact in Europe and the United Kingdom; and Memec in Japan.

While high-k dielectrics and clever circuit design may help keep the industry on its traditional curve of doubling device densities every two to three years, those solutions are likely to run out of steam by the end of this decade. Then, designers may have to make more efficient use of the number of transistors that a certain power budget may support.

In a question-and-answer session with reporters following his speech, Grove was asked if the movement of chip manufacturing to Asian based foundries poses a geo-political challenge” to the United States. At first, the Intel chairman appeared unwilling to answer the question, but then warmed to the topic.

RLR07C2403GMRE5_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Grove said currently there is a healthy interdependence between East and West, but as manufacturing and circuit design increasingly shift to Asia it is easy to project that the interdependence becomes more one-sided, with an adverse impact on our educational system because so much of the university funding comes from industry. There is a spiral there in the wrong direction.”

The shift to Asia has huge” implications for defense as well, Grove warned.

Asked about the current downturn, Grove said the industry over the course of the past year has been bounding along on the bottom.” While the downturn is a normal, albeit severe, business cycle, he said the economy faces the potential of war in Iraq, relatively high unemployment in the United States, and a meltdown” in several South American economies.

RLR07C2403GMRE5_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

During his speech, Grove said that the good news is that device geometries continue to shrink on the semi-log scale predicted by Gordon Moore. The bad news is that revenues are not cooperating.”

Westlake Village, Calif. — The 1341TL transimpedance amplifier has been released for OC-192 Sonet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet designs. This TIA delivers -20-dBm typical receiver sensitivity at a BER of 10-12 . It also offers a differential gain of 12-kohms, a differential output swing of 700 mV peak-to-peak and an input current overload of 2.2-mA. The TIA runs off a +3.3-V supply and consumes 275-mW power, making it a nice fit for XPAK and XFP module designs.

RLR07C2403GMRE5_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Pricing: $65 for a bare die in sample quantitiesAvailability: SamplingData Sheet:


I think it's probably a very good idea,” said Charles Byers, a Bell Labs fellow and a consulting member of the technical staff at Lucent Technologies. There will probably be slightly faster technology innovation if many vendors conform to standards than if they run off in multiple directions.”

However, Byers and others noted that Xilinx needs to build bridges to a wide array of efforts on high-seed serdes, including:

Additional efforts are under way at a wide array of established and startup companies, including:

A lot of positioning is going on because there's a lot at stake here. The 10G road map is really important,” said Cary Snyder, a consultant focused on programmable logic and interconnect issues at PC2 Consulting Inc.

That's because serdes devices are increasingly seen as the key underpinning for a wide gamut of higher-level interconnects, including PCI Express, RapidIO and other standard or proprietary links. Serdes aim to create fast, easy to manage connections initially for network processors, backplanes and optical modules. But ultimately, many expect serdes will be used in a wide range of chips, including general-purpose microprocessors and memories.

Making the Move to Smart Memories The keys to successfully creating SIP products that integrate co-processing features into the memory subsystem are twofold. The first key is to identify memory-intensive operations that can be migrated off of a system's main microprocessor into a smart memory subsystem. Rich data (e.g., MPEG-4, JPEG images, MMS messages) and executing interpreted software such as Java programs or .NET CIL programs are commonly done on wireless handsets and other mobile devices. Similarly, as end users start to employ mobiles for e-commerce applications, encryption and decryption are needed to protect sensitive data.

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