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<p>Kohl, who teaches courses in electronics manufacturing at Georgia Tech, made similar comments about isopropyl alcohol and xylene. Epoxy resins including Epon and R-108 used at IBM are made from toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, but the resulting epoxies themselves are relatively benign, he added.</p>

GlobespanVirata's updated MAC architecture should interest Kawasaki's customers, Baliga said. MAC functions were handled in a single block chip in early versions of Prism, but newer designs hand off a portion of the MAC architecture to the host CPU, he said.

Earlier this month, President Bush unveiled a new vision for space exploration, including a human mission to Mars. Based on the flash-memory snafu with the Mars rover, Silicon Strategies believes that a manned mission to the Red Planet will be difficult and costly–if not impossible–leaving some to wonder if Bush's vision is a flash in the pan. Politicians will say anything during an election year.

2) Sony’s PSX ’90-nm’ processor made with 130-nm process, claims analysis firm …. Semiconductor Insights (SI), a technology and patent analysis firm, said Thursday (January 29, 2004) that a key chip in Sony's PlayStation X entertainment system, the Emotion Engine + Graphics Synthesizer otherwise known as the EE+GS@90nm, is shipping implemented in a 130-nanometer manufacturing process technology and not a 90-nm process as claimed by Sony.

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3) Boom-to-bust IC capital spending cycles to end …. Len Jelinek, a principal analyst at iSuppli Corp., has advanced a proposition that is, to say the least, controversial: we have seen the end of wild cycles of boom and bust in semiconductor capacity investment.

4) Novellus appoints Applied Materials veteran as president …. Novellus Systems Inc. has appointed former Applied Materials executive Sasson (Sass) Somekh (57) as president. Somekh is to join Richard Hill and Tom St. Dennis in Novellus' 'Office of the CEO'.

5) DRAM Bulletin: Hynix pulls off a memory market upset …. Hynix Semiconductor Inc. retook the number-three position in DRAM revenues from Infineon Technologies AG in the fourth quarter, according to iSuppli principal analyst Nam Hyung Kim.

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Say what you will about Hynix, but the Korean company is not going away; much to the chagrin of its rivals. Could Hynix end up number two in DRAMs by year's end, with Micron number three? Anything is possible in the memory market, including another round of legal disputes.

6) Future Horizons sees two-year chip market boom …. Not only will 2004 be a boom year for the worldwide chip market, with 32 percent growth, but 2005 could be nearly as good, according to Malcolm Penn, founder and chief executive of the Future Horizons market research company.

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Another bullish forecast, this time, from Future Horizons of the UK. Silicon Strategies sees another growth year for 2004, but let's not get too carried away; at least yet. With a seasonal slowdown in Q1, it's too early to say the market will grow by more than 30 percent in '04. My humble and unscientific predication: the chip market will grow by 22.7 percent in 2004 over 2003.

Other stories from the week of January 25:

Serial LVDS greatly simplifies the ADC interface and allows for compatibility between the different family members in terms of speed and resolution. TI's implementation of Serialized LVDS offers the user the flexibility to optimize interface power dissipation based on system requirements, and is compatible with Xilinx and Altera programmable devices. Xilinx deserializer source code is available as a free license from Texas Instruments when used with TI data converters.

The ADS527x family is optimized to work with TI's high-performance TMS320C6000 DSP platform, which is used in applications ranging from high-resolution medical imaging to third-generation wireless communications infrastructure. In addition, depending on the application requirements, the ADS527x family is optimized for pairing with many of TI's high-speed op amps to achieve highest performance.

The integration, performance and power of the ADS527x family will allow imaging systems, such as ultrasound, to improve image quality with exceptional 12-bit, 70.5dB SNR performance, reduce power requirements, increase channel density and decrease board space demands.

In wireless communications systems, such as base stations and pico-cells, the ADS527x family will improve system performance by reducing system complexity, handling more voice channels, reducing system form factors, increasing flexibility and lowering operating costs.

The ADS527x family offers exceptional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 70.5dB (60.5dB for the 10-bit family) at 10MHZ input frequency. The devices provide internal references to simplify system design requirements, or can be driven with external references. The ADS527x family operates from a 3.3V supply.

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