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<p>The HUFA7510S3S is available immediately for volume production in the TO263 package.</p>

Our customers were holding inventory, we were holding inventory, and our suppliers were holding inventory,” Mahendroo said. There's a cost associated with holding all that spare- parts inventory, and there is a risk of obsolescence. By industry standards, it costs 35 cents for every dollar of inventory that is held.”

We have developed and maintained a very aggressive growth path since our inception and this growth promises to continue well into the next decade,” added McKenna. Krakauer's extensive experience and expertise will contribute significantly to ChipPAC's growth and leading position within the industry.

Electronics contractor Manufacturing Services Ltd. this week broadened its production scope when it gained Hybricon Corp. as an alliance partner to develop MSL's engineering and design services unit.

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Under the agreement, privately held MSL, Concord, Mass., and Hybricon, an Ayer, Mass.-based packaging and interconnect design and prototype development concern, will work together to move OEM customers' products to market.

This alliance extends our offering to customers with new access to a complete range of manufacturing services as they transition their products from concept to prototype to high-volume production,” said Hybricon president and CEO Michael Hayward.

MSL's Engineering and Design Services unit provides customers with mechanical and printed-circuit-board packaging design, among other services.

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LAS VEGAS — Two competing approaches for merging data and digital TV plan high-profile demonstrations of systems and services at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month. The demos will provide the first glimpse of a new style of advanced TV that the two camps hope to turn on later next year.

The Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF), a cross-industry group that leverages Internet standards, plans to announce new partners and products backing its version of merged data and digital TV services at CES. In a separate project, called Flora, a group of broadcasters, content providers and systems makers is quietly preparing its own demonstration of Web services based on standards laid out by the Advanced Television Systems Committee's DTV Application Software Environment (DASE) group.

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Both ATVEF and DASE proponents claim to be building a migration path that will bridge the two specs. But the camps remain worlds apart on a major sticking point: whether to embrace the Java language.

ATVEF proponents, including Intel Corp. and Microsoft Corp., hope to capture an early lead in the emerging TV-plus-data market by promoting a specification that eschews the full Java programming environment for an approach based on the JavaScript utility and HTML 4.0. For its part, the DASE group is nearing completion of a spec based on Java and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

ECIX and Si2 are familiar partners. Si2 was an early supporter of the ECIX effort, and the two have danced around the idea of collaborating on PIPs, Cottrell said.

SI2 has been involved behind the scenes [at ECIX] for a while,” said Robin Gray, executive vice president of the National Electronic Distributors Association (Alpharetta, Ga.). They were an early coalition partner. Part of RosettaNet's modus operandi is to build on existing standards. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the link is that there will be less work for some parties and it might save some money.”

Cottrell said that Si2 is not prepared to say when we will unroll this [proposal], and we won't say RosettaNet PIP will turn into QuickData and QuickData won't turn into RosettaNet.”

One fly in the ointment in merging ECIX's QuickData specification into RosettaNet is that it may change the migration path for semiconductor companies that have already adopted QuickData. But Cottrell said he expects any changes to QuickData to be minimal.

Rather than see RosettaNet create its own specification from scratch, Cottrell said it makes sense for the group to leverage ECIX's work. In retrospect, it's a shame we didn't know each other two years ago,” he said.


Congressional budget analysts said the Clinton administration has offset increases in military pay and weapons procurement by reducing funding for research programs as well as for operations and maintenance.

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