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If someone is already a licensed pilot of any sort, other than a student pilot, then he or she must pass an online UAS class in order to become a UAS pilot. Those who don’t already have a pilot’s certificate must first pass the ground-school portion of flight training.

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84517-001LF_Datasheet PDF

84517-001LF_Datasheet PDF

SAN FRANCISCO—Ericsson recently released its Networked Society City Index, which ranks cities based on their use of information and communication technology (ICT). Of the 41 ranking cities, only three American cities made the list: New York (No. 7), Los Angeles (No. 12), and Miami (No. 17).

Stockholm ranks highest in the Networked Society City Index—the fifth from Ericsson—followed by London, Singapore, Paris, and Copenhagen. The top five cities are the same as in 2014, but Singapore has reclaimed the third position from Paris.

Ericsson doesn’t specifically define ICT, but paints a general picture of communication technologies that offer practical benefits to billions of people every day.” Those are broad brush strokes that make me wonder—why have only three U.S. cities made rank?

In order to have a truly global City Index we have limited the number of cities per country and region. Only China and the US have as many as three cities represented,” Monika Bylehn, manager of Ericsson’s Network Society Lab, told EE Times. The cities of the report were originally selected based on size or on being in the ICT forefront, like Singapore, trying to get a global spread.”

In memories, Infineon's revenues dropped 36% sequentially to 332 million euros ($289 million) in the fiscal quarter, ended June 30, from the prior three-month period. Memory sales were down 62% from a year ago. Infineon's DRAM-focused memory unit posted a loss before interest and taxes of 340 million euros ($296 million), including an inventory write-down of 81 million euros ($70 million).

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