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<p>We are converging the opinions of employees from each local emergency countermeasure committee,” a committee official said. While still opposed in principle to the Big Deal merger plan, the official nevertheless added that a central union committee was preparing to shift tactics toward obtaining worker guarantees.</p>

Originally, the Nuance core recognition routines were available only in the full-blown version, which permitted large companies to create their own applications capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous natural-language transactions. For example, Sears has replaced more than 3,000 human operators who previously routed calls to appropriate departments with the Nuance routines. You can now call Sears and say I'd like to speak with someone about a toaster” and be automatically routed to the small-appliance department.

Based on the company's own Symbios SYM53C895 chip, the board handles up to 80-Mbyte/second transfers on a SCSI bus and throttles data across a PCI at the full speed of the system bus, according to LSI. The chip represents the debut of LSI's LVDlink architecture, which integrates LVD (low-voltage differential) transceivers, said Robin Wagner, director of I/O standard product marketing at LSI. And the company's Tolerant technology on SCSI signal lines allows for improved signal reliability in noisy cable environments.”

The board comes equipped with powerful utilities and drivers for most major operating systems that make installation and configuration tasks fast and easy,” Wagner said.

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PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — Thomson Airpax Mechatronics has unveiled a stepper motor that it says has more torque than competitive products of the same size. The 57-mm-diameter geared motor, built with permanent magnets, has a gearbox with a 10-foot-pound torque rating at a power input of 8 W. Its output speed is 2 rpm at 320 steps/second. The gearbox measures 75 x 50 mm.

The 2-pound motor comes in 5- and 12-V versions, with or without connectors. Pricing in lots of 500 is $40.85.

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In my January column, I hinted that fax redialers (a.k.a. autodialers) were problematic. Since then, I have received so many questions andcomments that, this month, an explanation is in order.

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First, a definition: A redialer is a simple device, smaller than a cigar box, that physically sits in between a fax machine and the wall. Its sole purpose is to grab fax traffic before it reaches the PBX or, at smaller organizations, the PSTN, then redirect it to a fax service bureau or ISP that will send the fax and bill the faxer.

There are basically two types. A dumb redialer is not much more than two RJ-11 jacks with a DTMF dialing-stringattached. This redialer simply grabs every outgoing fax and routes them to the service bureau. It can't differentiate between local, long distance and calls to 800 numbers.

Lucent and Enable plan to combine their forces to develop several ICs, including hub and switchcontrollers for 10/100-Mbit/s networks, PHY ICs for 1-Gbit/s Ethernet systems,and system-on-a-chip products.

Lucent's move to purchase Enable's LAN-chip business comes on the heels of a freneticconsolidation period in the PHY-IC market, in which the smaller players are combining forceswith much larger entities in order to compete more favorably against the twoleaders: Broadcom Corp. and Level One Communications Inc.

Last week, ASIC giant LSI Logic Corp. acquired PHY-IC specialistSeeq Technology Inc. And recently, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and NationalSemiconductor Corp. made equity investments or acquired PHY-IC companies.

We're not responding to our competitors,” Greg Waters, vice presidentof the Networks and Communications Division at Lucent's Microelectronics Group,Murray Hill, N.J., said in an phone interview. With Enable, we'll be able to develop complementaryproducts.”

Lucent and Enable are no strangers to each other. Last year, the twobegan to formulate their relationship by co-developing a line oflow-power quad-port PHY ICs for Fast Ethernet networks.These devices reportedly were integrated into a line of single-chipcontrollers made by Lucent which, in turn, are being used in 3Com Corp.'sLAN-card products for 10/100-Mbit/s networks. 3Com also sources single-chipcontrollers for its LAN cards from Broadcom, Irvine, Calif.


Texas Instrument's xStream DSP Technology includes the xStream DSP chip set, Wind River's VxWorks real-time operating system, Tornado tools and documentation.

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