<p style=LONDON — Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) has revealed details of a driving technology that promises to extend the viability of passive matrix OLED displays.

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The CmX series connector family will be introduced in a number of sizes compatible with the various flange diameters and power requirements of servomotors currently on the market and in development. They are currently offered in three sizes — the Cm2 for flanges less than 40 x 40 mm, Cm3 for flanges up to 100 x 100 mm and Cm5 for flanges up to 150 x 150mm — covering a power range from less than 5 A to more than 40 A.

Bus analysis probeThe 16901A mainframe starts at $14,000. The company's modules are priced starting at $23,500 for the 16950B and $65,000 for the 16951B.

In addition to its own analyzer module, Agilent is working with FuturePlus to provide a dedicated DDR3-1066 bus analysis probe (the FS2350), complete with physical interposer to provide compatibility with 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM dual-in-line memory modules.

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FuturePlus also partners with Agilent to provide a dedicated PCI Express Gen 1 analysis probe, based on FuturePlus' FS-4400 hardware.

The bus analysis probe is sold by FuturePlus with marketing support from Agilent. The PCI Express probe is sold by Agilent as the FSI-60112, with prices starting at $19,500.

The FPGA dynamic probes and graphical user interface software in the Agilent logic analyzer series now support Altera architectures, with a probe and support software kit starting at $3,000.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan &#151 After stalling out at 2.5G speeds for some time, China's third-generation mobile phone technology recently graduated to 3G, with handsets ratcheting up data rates to 384Kbps in real-world conditions.

At the same time, it is looking likely that the Chinese government will choose the country's largest carrier, rather than a second-tier one, to launch the technology. That is welcome news to the small group of chip companies that have bet their future on TD-SCDMA.

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The logic is that China Mobile is the strongest carrier and so if anybody can make TD-SCDMA successful, then they are the most likely to pull it off,” said Ted Dean, a principal analyst at BDA China, a Beijing telecom consultancy.

Analog Devices Inc said Tuesday that the trial networks were now able to hit speeds up to 384Kbps. A year ago, only 64Kbps links were possible; by last summer, up to 128Kbps was stable but not up to 384Kbps. Data rates hitting a stride on par with 3G specs is a big boost for the technology.

The IMP will provide reconstruction and visualization algorithms with real-time performance for highly data-intensive medical imaging applications including Computed Tomography (CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PE), or Single Photon Emission Tomography (SPECT).

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Promising to build a new bridge between the semiconductor fabrication environment and IC design, Magma Design Automation has purchased Knights Technology, a provider of IC yield management and failure analysis software solutions since 1987. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Knights Technology was a subsidiary of FEI Company, a provider of nanotech” tools such as scanning electron microscopes. Knights offers CAD navigation and yield management software that uses manufacturing engineering systems (MES) data from the fabrication equipment used on the semiconductor foundry floor.

It's an area from which EDA tools have not pulled data in the past, and it will enable a new generation of design tools, said Rajeev Madhavan, Magma CEO. We are developing a lot of new technologies, and most will need process knowledge and fab knowledge,” Madhavan said. Knight's CAD navigation tool is used by pretty much every foundry in the world. We can now make sure that our design tools will use that fab data.”

Madhavan declined to be specific about the upcoming Magma tools that might make use of MES data, but he said that a number of new products are planned and are in development, and we're trying to make sure they tie across manufacturing data as well.”

''But SMIC's expansion plans would be greatly reduced without government assistance for their new fabs in Wuhan and Chengdu,'' he said.

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