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The ll command takes an address, an offset, and another KDB command as arguments. It repeats the command for each element of a linked list. The command executed takes the address of the current element in the list as the argument.


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To disassemble instructions starting from the routine schedule. The number of lines displayed depends on the environment variable IDCOUNT : [0]kdb> id schedule

To execute instructions until it encounters a branch condition (in this case, instruction jne ): [0]kdb> ssb

0xc0105355 default_idle+0x25: cli0xc0105356 default_idle+0x26: mov 0x14(%edx),%eax0xc0105359 default_idle+0x29: test %eax, %eax0xc010535b default_idle+0x2b: jne 0xc0105361 default_idle+0x31

61083-064009_Datasheet PDF

Debugging a problem involves locating the source of the problem using a debugger (or any other tool) and using the source code to track the root cause of the problem. Using source code alone to determine problems is extremely difficult and may be possible only for expert kernel hackers. On the other hand, newbies tend to rely excessively on debuggers to fix bugs. This approach may lead to incorrect solutions to problems. The fear is that such an approach leads to fixing symptoms rather than the actual problems. A classic example of such a mistake is adding error handling code to take care of NULL pointers or bad references without looking into the real cause of the invalid references.

The dual approach of studying the code and using debugging tools is the best way to identify and fix problems.

61083-064009_Datasheet PDF

The primary use of debuggers is to get to the location of the bug, confirm the symptom (and cause, in some cases), determine the values of variables, and determine how the program got there (that is, establish the call stack). An experienced hacker will know which debugger to use for a particular kind of problem and will quickly obtain the necessary information from debugging and get on with analyzing the code to identify the cause.

Here, then, are some tips for you to achieve the above mentioned results quickly using KDB. Of course, keep in mind that speed and accuracy in debugging comes with experience, practice, and good knowledge of the system (hardware, kernel internals, etc.)


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