<p>Some multimedia routing vendors enable you set routing rules through a Web browser. Microlog upgraded uniQue 3.0 as Java-based software that call center managers can use through Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Web browsers. Because many of Microlog's clients have multi-site call centers, the company needed to enable managers to work with uniQue from different locations.</p>

Meanwhile the amount of program content, program content, data flow, and system features have increased exponentially — increasing the system complexity and making the need for visibility into the application that much more important. Not only does this mean moving to more advanced methods of analyzing the underlying hardware logic, but looking at the makeup of the embedded memory: it's size, its architecture, down to the specifics of the type, location and timing dependencies of the data mapped into the memory device or array,” said Lin.

The difference between the company's bolt-on Spotlight products and its embedded technologies has to do with placement in the signal chain, he said. In order to do the de-spreading of the signals, you have to do it in the channel-element processing within the basestation-it's hard to do it as an add-on.”

Metawave's Spotlight CDMA solution is based on an ASIC-FPGA combination, which, Feuerstein said, doesn't require bleeding-edge” digital signal processors. However, we'd love to take some of the processing we do now in ASICs and do that in a DSP or MIPS processor, where it becomes software configurable,” he said. But that will only happen when data rates and interference-cancellation demands rise to make the transition” from the low-cost ASIC-FPGA implementations worthwhile.

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When the time comes for that changeover, there will be plenty of processing options to pick from, thanks to the move to 0.13-micron processes, said Jim Gunn, senior consultant at Forward Concepts.

At the same time, the latest DSP architectures from powerhouses such as Texas Instruments Inc., now fielding the 600-MHz C6416, and Analog Devices Inc., with its TigerSharc, exemplify what's available-and required. For MUD or adaptive antennas you have to resort to 32-bit, floating-point processors,” said Zoran Zvonar, system-development manager at Analog Devices' DSP and Systems Product Group.

Along with being able to handle 16/32-bit data in a highly parallel structure, the TigerSharc has another key feature in its arsenal, said Zvonar. It can also handle chip-rate processing with its instruction set, hence eliminating the need for an external FPGA or ASIC-type processor.” He said the TigerSharc is the only [DSP] to do so.”

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The TigerSharc is also good, Zvonar said, for high-precision numerical calculations such as interference cancellation. For that, you have to do chip-rate processing, then reconstruct and remodulate the signal. To do that, you also have to be able to efficiently operate and link different processors into an efficient processing cluster,” he said. The TigerSharc accommodates this through ports that allow easy clustering. The moral is that one engine is only as efficient as you're feeding it numbers to process,” said Zvonar.

To each processor a task But this ability to shuttle data back and forth is also a key feature of the C6416, said Sandeep Kumar, product-marketing manager at TI. Our EMIF [Enhanced Memory Interface] supports 10 Gbits/s now,” he said. With the high-performance C6416, TI finds itself better able to implement its strategy of a DSP/ASIC, fully software-configurable basestation.

MIKROE-3124_Datasheet PDF

Some of our competition is trying to implement the baseband processing primarily in an ASIC, so the only time it gets to a back-end programmable unit where it can take on more functionality is when they're passing symbols back,” Kumar said. At that point, he said, the user is blocked from doing any sort of weight computation or differential combining that differs from what might have been done in a normal network.

Being able to do channel estimation and differential combining on a DSP gives people the flexibility of taking the DSP/ASIC combo and being able to do adaptive antennas,” Kumar said.

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The foundry service provider's move comes shortly after the Taiwanese government eased restrictions on 200mm-wafer investments in mainland China. United Microelectronics Corp., TSMC's closest rival, will likely file a similar application soon, analysts here said.

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