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<p>A second related challenge was integrating a fractional-N PLL, which the team reports required a lot of invention and design work. Supporting the full data range in both ASK and FSK modulation required the design team to implement a couple of different detectors that can cover the range without power overhead,” adds Peterson.</p>

The lawlessness that followed in New Orleans shows how thin the veneer of civilization really is. And the slow response by government agencies to care for the needy is a red flag that this country's disaster response is woefully inadequate.

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Anaheim, Calif.&#8212XP Power says its AML120 desktop supply, at 120 watts, is half the size of most competing AC/DC products. The supply measures just 6.58-by-2.56-by-1.46 inches.

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The AML120, available in nine standard single-output models between 12 and 48 VDC, features a total (line and load) regulation of &plusmn5 percent, ripple and noise less than 2 percent peak-to-peak, and typical efficiency of 86 percent at full load. It's rated for operation over 0 to +70&degC. MTBF is greater than 100,000 hours (MIL-HDBK-217F).

Input connection is via a standard IEC 320/C6 inlet, with the output using a 4-pin DIN connector. Supplies with non-standard connectors are available for quantities as low as 100 pieces. Over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection are standard features.

61083-183109_Datasheet PDF

The universal AC-input supply meets EN61000-3-2, -3 specifications. The AML120 also meets all major safety and EMC specs, including EN55022/FCC/VCCI Class B for radiated and conducted emissions.

The basic specification sheet may be secured by clicking here. The AML120 is priced at $54 each in 1k piece quantities and is available from stock.

61083-183109_Datasheet PDF

XP Power , 1-978-287-7260,

Even before Hurricane Katrina had slammed into the U.S. Gulf coast in late August, the electronics industry's growth was already showing signs of sluggishness amid concerns that rising energy costs would crimp consumer purchasing power.

Glenrothes, Scotland — Designed to provide excellent thermal performance in densely populated power supply circuits, BI Technologies SMT Division has developed a new series of non-inductive power resistors with power ratings from 20 W to 140 W in popular TO-126, TO-220, TO263 and TO-247 transistor-style packages.

The new MHP and SMHP series resistors are designed to provide complete thermal flow from the resistive element to the integral metal flange of the TO-style packages to give design engineers the ability to specify them for high-wattage power electronics circuits that can experience elevated temperatures during operation, said the company. The devices are all rated for operation from -55°C to 155°C.

These devices are suitable for switchmode power supply circuits, motor control and drive circuits, automotive electronics, industrial power equipment and UPS systems. In addition, the company said because the devices exhibit excellent high frequency characteristics, they may be used in high-frequency applications such as industrial RF power sources, RF linear amplifiers and other RF circuits.

The MHP series resistors are available in five power ratings and four TO-style package types. Custom specifications are available.


RFID startup garners $10 million

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