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<p> One of the bigger projects that falls under Intel Labs Europe is the smart cities initiative launched in May 2012. The cluster of projects being undertaken jointly with University College London and Imperial College intends to use London as a test bed for a number of experiments in such areas as: energy positive infrastructure, personal energy consumption, smart-grid systems and sustainable mobility. Indeed Dublin is already being used to help formulate some of the experiments prior to larger-scale roll out in London.</p>

Telecommunications were poor but have quickly improved, thanks to swift privatization. New mobile networks cover the country. Internet use is at 10% of the population and growing 50% a year. Some 30 ISPs compete in the market. Nearly all manufacturers have installed EDI, and some are moving to EDI/Internet to link the supply chain.

That's stress No. 1.

Stress No. 2 comes after you've resigned yourself to this gauche spectacle of forced smiles and faux interest in your well being. Stress 2 is cooking.

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You're an engineer, and since the success of the gathering usually hinges on the acceptability of the food, you feel obligated to make sure the preparation succeeds.

If you haven't taken control, from conception to implementation, you've at least insinuated yourself into the implementation side of the process. After all, a great meal (pardon me) boils down to precise measurements of weight, volume, temperature and time, and you know how to manage that better than Aunt Mabel.

So, a series of questions for you:

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For my part, I'll be cooking, but just for three people. I'll have my iPhone with me at all times (for me, it's an idiot-proof cooking timer, reference tool and source for NFL scores) and I'll have a laptop bookmarked to engineer Michael Chu's great site, Cooking for Engineers, which can serve as a useful 911 resource when you're in trouble. (Here's a link to his Thanksgiving page).

So, how about you?   Related stories :

QTH-060-05-F-D_Datasheet PDF

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Just as Amazon shook up the world of retail, an enterprising entrepreneur could come along and upend the world of design services, a market segment that needs a good shake up.

Hi Max, I recently finished writing a simple survey paper in an attempt to introduce the non-specialized reader to two combined technologies: energy harvesting + sensor network nodes = autonomous sensor network nodes.

Is there any way you could spread the word about this paper?

Well, of course there is (grin). Click Here to download a copy of Luiz's paper, then post comments below to tell him what you think about it.

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Now included in most new mobile phones, NFC enables applications like mobile payments, data exchange, location based tagging and much more.

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