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<p>Some of those initial complaints included clumsy interfaces, slow response times and unreliable communications. The complaints left a sour taste across the board and left the window open for other platforms such as WinCE, Palm and Symbian to gain a toehold.</p>

Performance reports are available within three to five days.

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Survey Reveals The Best And Worst Ways To Evaluate New Agents

An on-line survey found that 52% of call center managers feel a telephone interview is the best way to evaluate agents while only 2% of managers feel certification is an accurate method for agent evaluation.

The survey reflects the importance of personally assessing an agent. CallCenterCareers.com conducted the survey in which 598 call center professionals participated.

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Peregrine Systems Acquires Remedy

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Peregrine Systems, which makes software for internal help desks, acquired rival company Remedy for $1.09 billion in stock and cash on June 11, 2001.

Remedy's software helps customers manage operations such as sales, marketing and customer support. While Peregrine focused on large companies, Remedy sells a lot of its software to small- and mid-size businesses.

No one is disputing that some Internet companies will have viable models. However, many have failed to influence the electronic components supply chain the way people suggested a year ago, according to industry executives and analysts.

Adoption and use are dependent on a growth environment. There is no growth right now in the industry,” said Bob Moncrieff, a director at management consultant firm Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath, based in Mountain View, Calif. Many of the market environments depend on liquidity, but now liquidity has shrunk completely.”

With only so much available capital, reality is setting in that some companies may be better off shutting down or being bought than pouring more money and resources into development.

FastParts Inc., San Jose, may be one such company. Several sources told EBN that FastParts is in acquisition talks with Dove-Bid Inc., Foster City, Calif. The deal would give DoveBid, which provides auction services for various industries, additional auction technology and cash, sources said.

Like other online companies, FastParts, which received $30.5 million in venture funding in March 2000, has been struggling to carve its niche. Earlier this year, FastParts cut its 50-person staff by about a quarter, reportedly because of pressure from its venture capital investors to reduce spending, sources said at the time. In June, its president and chief executive, George Gordon, stepped down to take a similar position at Enporion, an exchange for the gas and electric industries.


You're going to need some software to coordinate between signaling and the actual IP packet streams generated by the calls. In fact, you're going to need some pretty intelligent software, because you may need to make complex access and billing determinations about calls in real time, may need to execute complex series of find me” routing decisions, and may in fact have to think pretty hard just to find the right gateway to redirect a call back to the PSTN so that it can be terminated on the right black phone back in the real world.

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