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<p>The Agilent 90000A Series oscilloscope will be shown for the first time at DesignCon, Feb. 4-7, 2008, Booth 305.</p>

With a higher level of integration, the TPCA8A02-H and TPC8A03-H save board space, increase power efficiency and reduce wiring resistance and inductance by eliminating external wiring between the MOSFET and the diode.

Andover, Mass. — Aegis Power Systems, a subsidiary of Vicor Corp., has introduced a one-slot VME450 power supply. The Aegis single-slot VME power supply is a military commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution that is compliant to the vibration requirements of MIL-STD-810F and EMI per MIL-STD-461E.

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When compared to VME power supplies using conventional technology, the one-slot VME450 provides users with higher efficiency (85%), lower weight (2.4 pounds), and higher power (up to 550 W), said Vicor. Key specs include an input of 28 Vdc (filtered), four outputs of 3.3-, 5-, and ±12 V, and a total power range of 450 to 550 watts.

Built with Vicor VI Chips, it uses two M-FIAM (military filter input attenuator module) modules, six PRM regulators and six VTM current multipliers.

Pricing: The single-slot VME450 power supply is priced at $3995 each in quantities of 10 and $3695 each in quantities of 100.Availability: Delivery is stock to six weeks for small quantities.Product information: VME-450 power supply, VI Chips, and M-FIAM

SEAM-40-01-S-10-2-RA-K-TR_Datasheet PDF

Aegis Power Systems , 1-828-837-4029, www.aegispower.com

Vicor , 1-800-927-9474, www.vicorpower.com

SEAM-40-01-S-10-2-RA-K-TR_Datasheet PDF

Many of the nation's business leaders aren't optimistic about the economy. The Conference Board's CEO Confidence Index fell in the third quarter to 39, marking the first drop below 40 since 2000 and indicating more negative than positive responses.

That's not surprising. Consumer confidence is down, companies are cutting jobs in response to slowing sales, and the equity market is wreaking havoc on investments and retirement income. It's not easy being optimistic in such an environment.

InternetIncrease budget to enforce laws against spam, spyware and phishing

WorkforceReform unemployment insurance to focus on retraining

Internet policyMake Internet tax ban permanent

BRUSSELS &#8212 Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) will be showing a series of 'WiMAX-ready' tower-top solutions that comprise truly global electrical-tilt WiMAX antennas, to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2008 exhibition in Barcelona.

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