<p>In network processing designs there is often a need to utilize the network stack functionality in a way not intended by the embedded operating system provided stack. Many embedded operating systems provide client-side networking stacks that are not designed for the demands required by routers or other types of networking devices. As such, certain facilities such as direct access to the networking stack routing or ARP tables may not be provided, or at best difficult to interface with. Performance issues with the provided client side stack may also be an issue in certain designs.</p>

Uncertainty of delays

iProcess-FDC, by combining familiar web display technology with powerful multi-variate analysis tools, enables process engineers to detect process problems before they have a major impact on costs and productivity,” he added.

iProcess-FDC's easy-to-use interface enables engineers to deploy fault detection in IC production. It can be integrated into almost any factory infrastructure with or without automation.

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Lincoln, NE. — Centurion Wireless is acquiring, for an undisclosed sum, Allgon Mobile Communications , the specialist division of Swedish based Allgon AB that designs and manufactures antennas for mobile phones and communication devices.

The acquisition, nearly doubling Centurion's global production capabilities, makes Centurion the world's leading engineering designer and manufacturer of antennas for the wireless communications industry.

Allgon Mobile has operations in Akersberga, Sweden and Beijing, P.R.C.

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Tom Cochran, chief operating officer of Centurion in Europe, told the compnay has been keen to expand its European design and manufacturing operations, both through internal growth and acquisitions. The company already has a design group and small manufacturing presence in Aylesbury, England.

With access to AMC's complementary mobile antenna product line, Centurion will enhance its line of diverse antenna products. AMC also brings significant expertise in RF, electrical and mechanical engineering.

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Centurion and Allgon Mobile Communications have complementary antenna product lines, engineering vision and operating philosophies,” said Gary Kuck, president and CEO of Centurion. Allgon Mobile Communications brings a unique combination of engineering and high volume manufacturing that will enable Centurion to continue to extend its market position.”

Centurion has manufacturing capabilities for antennas and batteries for mobile devices at six sites in the world, including the US, China and Malaysia, as well as engineering support at six design centers around the globe.

The two companies have also agreed to develop together process technology down to the 70-nanometer process node.

The moves are part of a co-operation deal for which the companies signed contracts concerning strategic co-operation on DRAMs, Infineon said today (November 13, 2002), but which had been coming through most of 2003 (see May 2 story).

The move is in-line with Infineon's strategy of partnering with Taiwanese companies aspiring to get into the DRAM business so that it can share its costs of production and particularly of fab building. But it leaves in doubt the future of Infineon's similar ProMOS joint-venture with Mosel Vitelic, which was put in jeopardy recently (see October 4 story).

Now Infineon has aligned itself strongly with Nanya and the two companies are to develop 90-nm and 70-nm DRAM production technologies for 300-mm wafers together, and create a 50:50 joint venture for the production of DRAM chips in a new joint 300-mm facility in Taiwan. Initial production of the first 300-mm wafers in the new facility is expected in late 2003, Infineon said.

Infineon said the new 300-mm semiconductor wafer fab would be constructed in two stages. The first stage, which is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2004, will give the facility an initial monthly capacity of around 20,000 wafer starts. Completion of the second stage, currently anticipated for mid-2006, will increase capacity to around 50,000 wafer starts a month, making the facility one of the world's largest.


SUNNYVALE, Calif. — MoSys Inc., a provider of DRAM-like single-transistor embedded memory with a high-speed access, has signed up Hitachi Ltd., to use its so-called 1T-SRAM.

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