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<p>The smallest capacitors made by China-based companies come in the 0402 package,” he said. But smaller 0201 capacitors are being used for Bluetooth modules and wireless phones.” Wood added that large Far East-based suppliers of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, including Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Yageo Corp., and Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd., are importing 0201 capacitors into China.</p>

BMCC is evenly owned by Matsushita Toshiba Picture Display Co. Ltd. and the Chinese government. BMLC is a 50-50 joint venture between Matsushita and China. Matsushita has 53 business units in China involving 51,000 employees.

The NRO and NSA use commercial database tools from large companies like Oracle and Microsoft and specialized pattern-recognition tools from smaller companies such as ChoicePoint and Groove Networks. Defense contractors are responsible for pulling such tools together in software suites that would prove useful to intelligence agencies. Many were working with the Department of Homeland Security's constituent agencies before DHS formed at the end of last year. They are deploying the tools for domestic drug enforcement and counterterrorism duties today, through the channels of Northern Command and DHS.

Northrop-Grumman showed one such tool at the Space Symposium. The Web-Enabled Temporal Analysis System, or WebTAS, was developed in conjunction with the Air Force Research Labs and used during the Iraq campaign. It is now being offered to regional police intelligence coalitions, through the auspices of DHS.

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WebTAS displays maps generated by popular geospatial tools and shows links corresponding to relations among targets. Clicking on a link calls up related data-bases that can tell an analyst, for example, all of the calls that the target has made in the last few days. To pick up patterns that might be buried in the noise of too much information, an embedded behavioral-correlation engine that operates in near-real-time predicts possible trends for developing situations and flags circumstances that may be problems or focus points for more intelligence gathering in the future.

Oki Semiconductor of Tokyo has tapped United Kingdom-based Unique Memec and Memec Design, two operating units of Memec Group Holdings Ltd., San Diego, to create an evaluation board for the supplier's ML674000 32-bit microcontroller for general purpose applications.

The ML674000 is part of Oki's family of microcontrollers designed to give developers a low cost tool into 32-bit ARM technology. Oki, Unique Memec and Memec Design will create evaluation boards for other Oki microcontrollers in the coming months to assist customers in testing Oki's ARM core-based solutions.

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Also available is the RealView Developer kit for Oki's ML674000. The kit includes ARM family-based compilation tools, a GUI-based debugger, and the ARM RealView ICE Micro Edition product, providing JTAG run control through a standard 8 MHz JTAG TAP at data rates of 100 Kbytes/sec.

The evaluation board for Oki's ML674000 microcontroller is available from Unique Memec at $199 each.

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The 802.16 Working Group has developed common design para-meters within 802.16a while at the same time accommodating technical differentiation. Manufacturers can now preserve unique approaches for traffic scheduling, smart antennas and per-subscriber link optimization without sacrificing standards compliance.

The approach avoids setting lowest-common-denominator specifications, which prevent manufacturers from differentiating their product features. While it obviates that traditional concern, however, it does open the door to interoperability issues.

OLED displays require no backlights and provide clear, bright, full-motion images that can be viewed from a very wide angle. The size of the OLED market is expected to grow to more than $1.7 billion within the next several years.

Optrex is a leader in the design and manufacture of OEM liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and has a major share of the worldwide LCD market for both mobile phones and automotive displays. Asahi Glass Co., a parent company of Optrex, has been developing special OLED structures and analyzing degradation mechanisms at its R&D center.

Nippon Seiki started OLED development in 1996 and began organizing a production line in 2002. The company has extensive process capabilities and patents in OLED technology.

When he's not trying to invent a more sensible Internet-controlled refrigerator, Geoff Mulligan moonlights as a sort of Google for the paging crowd. Users of two-way pagers-and anyone with access to e-mail-can send any of up to 53 commands to for information like stock quotes, sports scores, news headlines, the weather in a given town or other tidbits.

As the developer of, Mulligan logs as many as half a million queries a month. Mulligan runs the service, which he provides free to users, on a Solaris server from his Colorado Springs, Colo., home office.

A: WO solutions, again not necessarily a suite (let's not let a marketing strategy define a market), are almost exclusively purchased on the basis of a valid and proven business case. The best way for call center managers to position themselves is to go outside the box” and make the case that the impact of these solutions is beyond the workforce and can impact many other departments in the organization:

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