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<p>We never launch a new chipset at the same time as Intel,” said a spokeswoman for ALi in Taipei, Taiwan.</p>

As technologies become smaller and smaller, one of the most important industry drivers today is packaging cost. Cost can be related to a number of variables: package materials, assembly, yield, test, reliability, board yield, and performance. In comparison to earlier surface mount packages, current packages provide numerous improvements on these variables, yet none have proven to be perfect in all categories. In fact, the selection of the optimal” package is usually application-specific.

As training allows agents to act on the evaluations they receive from coaching, so, too, can coaches provide useful evaluations of how to improve training content.

Supervisors and coaches are able to give far more targeted feedback, to agents or to trainers, than any software. When agents struggle with a particular course or topic, supervisors and trainers provide real-world experience to complement the information or the artificial scenarios agents encounter during courses.

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Coaching is always able to transcend substandard training,” says Brodsky.

As in classrooms, if you schedule training on computers, agents need dedicated time to absorb the material. Harne points out that scheduled training doesn't preclude giving agents the choice of taking courses on their own time. But she doesn't suggest that companies push training to agents during slow periods because there's no way to predict how long these periods last.

Training, especially on essential skills, requires agents' full attention and preparation. When the time devoted to courses is at the mercy of how many calls come in, says Harne, you can't expect to get your must-have training.”

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If you are looking for training on the basics of call center management, The Call Center School (Nashville, TN) offers a thorough curriculum. Call Center ABCs includes an initial assessment that allows The Call Center School to recommend courses.

Courses cover the essentials of performance management, workforce management, call center technology and the call center profession. Check out our detailed evaluation of Call Center ABCs in a sidebar on-line.

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Call centers have used simulation tools like those we described in our October 2002 feature on assessment software, to evaluate candidates.

LONDON — Enterprises should not jump on the 802.11g bandwagon until products based on a finalized version of the Wireless LAN specification are more readily available later this year or early 2004, market research group Gartner has warned.

In a research note, Gartner says buyers of 802.11g access points and base stations risk interoperability and performance problems in a multivendor environment, particularly with certified 802.11b products installed in PCs in a mixed 802.11b and 802.11g operating environment.”

The market research group warns that all currently available solutions for the 54Mbit/s WLAN operating at 2.4GHz use proprietary specifications and may not meet the final standard. It suggests potential users should wait until 802.11g products start being certified.

Last month, the Wi-Fi alliance said it would start the certification process once the IEEE has ratified the draft standard. The 802.11 Working Group approved the specification last month, and final approval is expected mid-June, with publication in late July.

IEEE said last month, Now that we have a complete draft of the P802.11g standard, some manufacturers are beginning to release products in accordance with it. While the IEEE is pleased to see early development of product based on our work, it is quite speculative to release products at this time.”


Kundendienst, Prozess-Support und Verkaufsaktivitäten blieben von den Einsparungen verschont, beeilte sich Lackenbucher zu versichern. Auch das geistige Eigentum bleibe unangetastet und die in dem kalifornischen Forschungszentrum des Unternehmens entwickelten Produkte kämen ungeschoren davon, hieß es.

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