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<p>Nombreux sont ceux qui, dans la communauté du logiciel libre, ont mis en doute les menaces de mort, mais des analystes qui se sont intéressés au litige qui oppose SCO et IBM ont indiqué qu'ils ne doutaient pas du bien-fondé de ces affirmations.</p>

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At the Intel Developer Forum this week, the company will show the first port of PCI Express Advanced Switching (PICMG 3.4) software to the board, which will be offered by Xilinx through Avnet distribution channels.

Mike Nelson, senior manager for strategic solutions at Xilinx, said the ATCA card will help jump-start open standards in telecom switching for more venues than just PCI Express AS. Xilinx offers a crossbar-switch IP suite, used in linking ATCA to legacy time-division multiplexed switches and buses. The company also will show the first fruits of its full-mesh switching IP suite, announced last fall at the Programmable World 2003 show as the MTX (Mesh Technology on Xilinx) program.

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ATCA, a follow-on to CompactPCI that supporters in PICMG hope will be popular in telecom central office switches, enterprise switches and storage servers, is in the early stage of gaining support from Intel, Natural Microsystems, Applied Micro Circuits, Tyco Electronics, Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector and several system vendors. But Nelson said that prototype line cards still must be offered to OEMs that are considering proprietary backplanes for communications gear.

Xilinx's card is a natural vehicle for the company's high-end Virtex-II Pro family of FPGAs, though, in theory, ATCA solutions could be developed with more cost-sensitive families, such as Spartan. Nelson said a full ATCA solution could use several Virtex-II Pro FPGAs between the main line card and a mezzanine-like personality module Xilinx has developed.

Tyco, Mentor helpedDevelopment of the board involved several partners. Besides Intel, Xilinx relied on Tyco Power Systems to see that the board met NEBS standards for telecom ruggedization. Mentor Graphics Corp. assisted with board layout. The current personality modules making up the customizable part of the line card could be replaced by standard mezzanine cards, defined under the PICMG Mezzanine Card Project for ATCA.

RNC55J3511BRB14_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Though the ATCA backplane can scale to 2.5 Tbits/second, that may not be enough to appeal to the highest end of enterprise and SAN switching applications. But it covers a wide enough realm that Xilinx wants to hit the market with full software support for crossbar switching, full-mesh switching and PCI Express AS.

RocketI/O serializer-deserializer blocks on the Virtex-II Pro support 15 independent serial channels on the FPGA, each with a built-in serdes. The PowerPC embedded in the FPGA will run management firmware for an ATCA system switch, and embedded Linux control-plane software will be offered with the board.

RNC55J3511BRB14_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

The board contains five hardware headers for personality modules and has an intelligent peripheral manager interface and a port for a shelf management controller. The MTX full-mesh design uses one FPGA as the interface to a traffic manager, with more FPGAs cascading from the main device to support data rates of 10 Gbits/s, using four to 256 switch ports. The Xilinx full-mesh design uses a cell-based switching structure similar to ATM but with cells that can vary from 48 to 136 bytes.

PCI Express AS will be implemented in a soft IP core, with a single AS block occupying a quarter of a 2VP50 device. Consequently, the cores can be implemented in single or quad formats.

The joint solution, combining Legra's switch and radio access points with the Odyssey and Steel Belted Radius security software, has been rigorously tested to ensure smooth installation and seamless operation.

Until now, customers were required to choose from a complex array of technologies and products to secure their WLAN,” said Legra Vice President of Marketing Paul DeBeasi. This process was time consuming and costly for our customers. The Legra-Funk Software partnership enables our customers to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a secure WLAN using an all-in-one security solution.”

As part of the cross marketing arrangement, Legra will enable customers to access Funk Software downloads via its website.

The Odyssey and Steel Belted Radius programs are based on the IEEE security standard 802.1X. They provide strong security over the wireless link, including user authentication via RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service), data security using Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption protocol, and access permission.

PARIS, France — IBM's Sugar design intent language and about 4 million euros of European tax payers' money are being used to drive a major European collaborative research program between IBM, Infineon Technologies AG and STMicroelectronics NV.

Nach derzeitigem Planungsstand wird Motorola voraussichtlich im kommenden Frühjahr seinen Halbleiterbereich aus dem Unternehmen ausgliedern und unter besagtem Namen an die Börse bringen. In den vergangenen Jahren hatte der Konzern mit seinem Halbleiterbereich jeweils etwa 5 Milliarden US-Dollar erwirtschaftet. Der Halbleitersektor Motorolas gilt als weltweit führend in den Bereichen Automobilelektronik, Mikrocontroller und Netzwerk-Chips.

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