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<p>More susceptible to demand changes</p>

WD also expects to incur one-time charges for restructuring its production lines and possibly for the recall, although it may be offset through compensation by the supplier of the motor-controller chip, the company said.

ATSC is competing throughout Asia with a rival European digital TV specification.

Tanner will join Sharp Laboratories of America (Camus, Wash.) as vice president of its Cable Business Development department. He previously served as vice president of advanced television projects at Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (Louisville, Colo.).

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Tanner said he will leave ATSC on Oct. 18. No replacement has been named. ATSC chairman Robert Graves will head a search team that will find a replacement.

TAIPEI, Taiwan ( ChipWire) — The ripple effect of Taiwan's deadly earthquake is beginning to surface throughout Asia and beyond, affecting everything from DRAM prices to the supply of computer peripherals.

Some regional analysts predicted that shortfalls will start slowing OEMs beginning in November, since running wafers” ruined by the Sept. 21 quake would have shipped in the next several weeks. They warned that supply shortages could extend into next year.

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The immediate impact of the quake on the global semiconductor industry was to push DRAM prices sharply higher this week on the spot market. In South Korea, unit prices for 64-Mbit DRAM modules topped $21 by midweek. Demand was highest for 8-M x 8-type PC100 DRAM modules on the North American spot market, where prices soared to $21.25.

Asian analysts said that's about five times the price of memory modules in early July. Prices on the spot market were hovering around $15.50 on Sept. 20, the day before the 7.6-magnitude temblor struck central and northern Taiwan.

RN65D4911FRE6_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Micron Technology Inc. of Boise, Idaho, said it has raised OEM contract pricing for 64-Mbit DRAM chips from $7.50 to more than $9 and warned of additional price hikes to come. The increase is a result of several factors, including just incredible demand from PC OEMs,” said Kipp Bedard, Micron's vice president of investor relations. It looks like there's probably another move upcoming fairly shortly,” he added during a presentation at an investment conference in San Francisco this week.

Spot-market price hikes are showing no signs of slackening, with reports indicating $19 to $20.50 as the range for 64-Mbit components, Bedard said. There's not a lot of volume going on there because the suppliers were woefully short, even prior to the earthquake in Taiwan, just meeting the OEM requirements for the fourth quarter.”

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Second, partnering is seen as one of the few ways smaller vendors have of making money in the Java market. Garnering a positive revenue stream is hard because so many vendors have entered the business of providing JVMs and related development tools.

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