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<p>The 111th Audio Engineering Society Convention (AESC), originally set for the Jacob Javits Conference Center Sept. 21–24, will take place there from Nov. 30-Dec. 3. The 2nd Annual Wireless World conference, which was to be held in the World Trade Center from Sept. 24–25, has been postponed indefinitely. The Second Annual Supply and Demand Outlook conference, organized by iSuppli Corp. and EBN, is still planned for Oct. 3-5 in San Antonio.</p>

Equipped with three counter/timers and two independent analog comparators, the new series focuses on wireless battery-operated command and remote control applications. The L97 series offers 489 bytes of RAM, flexible input/output with 16 configurable stop mode recovery source, built-in low voltage detection, and an 80mA control current drive.

Backed by private equity investors, Omnispace closed a $60 million funding round in early 2021. According the website Crunchbase.com, it has so far raised $140 million in venture funding.

The company’s 5G architecture combines a constellation of non-geostationary satellites with its 2-GHz S-Band spectrum holdings that would connect to terrestrial 5G mobile networks. The proposed space-based network would employ 3GPP wireless standards to enable direct-to-device connectivity and interoperability,” the partners said.

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The hybrid network would also allow users to transition between satellite and terrestrial [5G] networks—eliminating the need for multiple devices on multiple networks,” according to Rick Ambrose, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Space.

The hybrid network is touted as delivering ubiquitous low-latency 5G connections.

Omnispace along with U.S. Navy and Marine Corps partners recently demonstrated its hybrid 5G network for the National Security Innovation Network, a program office within the Defense Department’s Innovation Unit. During the demonstration, commercial 5G devices transmitted voice and data services over an emulated 5G radio access network to an Omnispace satellite.

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Along with 5G wireless services, the company said it is also targeting emerging Internet of Things connectivity.

Proceeds from its recent venture funding round will be used to secure its 2-GHz mobile satellite service and complementary terrestrial spectrum.

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Omnispace said it expects the initial elements of its space-based 5G network to enter service in 2022.

Our network will leverage harmonized 2-GHz spectrum to bring the power of 5G to users and industries around the globe,” said Ram Viswanathan, president and CEO of Omnispace.

The news came just hours after the GSMA, the owner and organizer of the event, outlined a hugely detailed list of do’s and don’ts for both the exhibition and accompanying conference.

In response, the GSMA said:  We respect Ericsson’s decision and look forward to welcoming the company back to Barcelona for future editions of MWC. We appreciate that it will not be possible for everyone to attend Barcelona 2021. This is why we have developed an industry-leading virtual event platform that will ensure everyone can enjoy the unique MWC experience.”

To date, EE Times knows of no other company that has withdrawn — the few we have contacted declined to comment on their plans.

The GSMA was hoping to attract between 40,000 to 50,000 visitors to the show, half the usual contingent.

The health and safety plan that it issued Monday (8th March), dubbed Committed Community, talks of a layered approach designed to create a safe environment for staff, workers, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers partners and he local community.”  This includes frequent testing, contact tracing, a touchless environment,” increased medical staff, occupancy monitoring and enforcing social distancing.


Additional reporting by Spencer Chin, Claire Serant, Crista Souza, and EBN China

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