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<p>Paul Costigan, CEO of Massana, said: The oversampling approach trades off some of the complexities. It allows the front-end to be far less complex. Everything is done in the digital domain.”</p>

In response to the chilly fiscal climate, Toshiba Corp. and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. last week completed a merger of their display operations, while Sanyo Electric Corp. recently combined its FPD plant with two glass fabs owned by subsidiary Tottori Sanyo. Two of those plants will be converted to production of organic LEDs.

SAN JOSE — KLA-Tencor Corp. here today announced a new, in-line automatic defect classification (iADC) capability for its eS20XP electron-beam wafer inspection system.

KLA-Tencor's e-beam wafer inspection tool enables the ability to pinpoint electrical failures within the device at each step in the manufacturing process.

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The iADC option for the tool accelerates defect classification and review by up to a factor of three, as compared to manual systems. It also simultaneously classifies up to ten times more defects for a given inspection, according to San Jose-based KLA-Tencor.

iADC reduces the cost of ownership of e-beam inspection by up to 50%, enabling chip makers to classify and separate physical and electrical defects in real time.

iADC's intelligent classification technology firmly places the eS20XP on the production floor for in-line wafer monitoring, as well as for process development and ramp-to-volume production applications,” said Rick Wallace, executive vice president of KLA-Tencor's Wafer Inspection Group.

QSS-032-01-H-D-DP-RA-WT-LS1_Datasheet PDF

The iADC option is now available both as a field upgrade and with new eS20XP factory shipments.

Recent discoveries in nanostructures could create a multi-billion dollar thermoelectric industry.

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Early thermoelectric modules were not efficient enough to work as refrigerators or power generators.

However, new materials such as alloys of bismuth titanide and antimony telluride produce efficiencies just short of those seen in commercial products at room temp-erature. The new thermoelectric structures contain carefully arranged films or nanoscale clusters.

For December and January, we saw some improvement in demand,” said Joanne Friedman, a Toronto-based analyst at Meta Group Inc. However, [manufacturers] are not able to get any predictability out of their forecasts.”

Texas Instruments Inc.'s logic business took it on the chin last year, compelling the company to pay close attention to this market as competitors encroach on TI's dominance.

As with DSPs and analog products, TI has long led in logic sales, but it now faces a stiff challenge from Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. and perhaps ON Semiconductor Inc. as well.

TI's logic revenue plummeted from $884 million in 2000 to around $400 million in 2001. But despite the precipitous decline, the company's commitment to logic remains strong, according to Steven Hanke, director of worldwide marketing at the Standard Linear and Logic (SLL) business unit in Sherman, Texas.

If you look, TI supports almost every [logic] product line, and we have either market leadership or a very strong position in each,” Hanke said. The overall logic market took a beating in 2001 and will likely be about half of 2000, down from $3.2 billion to around $1.6 billion. It really hurt us, and we definitely lost share. It's definitely got the attention of TI.”


The company has so far not disclosed its technology in full, but a U.S. patent by the company describes a way to use one or more auxiliary latches to swap data between memory and registers. The mechanism swaps connections between alternate running registers and the auxiliary registers while transferring other tasks to and from storage memory.Another feature of the invention is an impatience” counter, which gives more priority to tasks as their deadline approaches.

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