<p>Fairchild invested about $80 million in the new 6-inch line, which will produce 17,000 ten-layer wafers per month during its first year of operation. The new fab features planar DMOS technology, including 30-volt logic, up to high-voltage logic, as well as standard BCDMOS and BiCMOS technologies.</p>

Separately, Micron Technology Inc. is suing Rambus for what it says is a violation of antitrust laws, and is asking a U.S. District Court to overturn the patents.

I was quite surprised to see how many of the folks I know in this group. It’s sad to see that it’s Invitation Only”… I’m pretty sure I know where that leaves me (grin). Of course, I can always take the old Groucho Marx position when he said: I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member” (I wish I could come up with stuff like this).

But we digress… The next message from Tim, which was accompanied by the picture below, said: I have one all boxed for you. The other ones are making a plaintive whining/crying sound. They want to know where their brother is going!”

SEAF8-40-05.0-L-04-2-K_Datasheet PDF

Good grief! I'm such a softy. How can it be that this made me feel so sad (seriously)? It isn’t right that brothers should be separated in this way. The obvious solution is that Tim should have sent two (or more) of the little ragamuffins to me so that they could keep each other company (but I was too polite to suggest this [grin]).

Anyway, this little rascal just arrived and my first impression is … that it’s LOTS of fun. Quite apart from anything else, the Sphero comes will the following note:

I do like it when folks have a sense of humor. Of course, now they have me wondering whether they know that Danger, Will Robinson (a catchphrase from the 1960s’ American television series Lost in Space ) should have a comma after the Danger” and two ‘l’s in Will”?  I wouldn’t put it past the little scamps to include deliberate mistakes in order to get folks thinking and to spark communication…

SEAF8-40-05.0-L-04-2-K_Datasheet PDF

As you may recall, you control the Sphero via WiFi using your Apple/Android Smartphone/Tablet. Thus, as soon as I had charged my Sphero (using the supplied inductive pedestal), I took it for a stroll around the building. I have to say that I am the envy of every engineer here (and they also like my Sphero 🙂

Of course, being an engineer myself, there are lots of things I would change (or add). On the off-chance that the folks from see this article, here are a few thoughts off the top of my head:

SEAF8-40-05.0-L-04-2-K_Datasheet PDF

I like the easy way provided to change the Sphero’s color (its internal LEDs) in the Draw-and-Drive app …. they should include something similar in the main/default Sphero app.

There is a Sleep Mode in the main Sphero app that turns the internal LEDs off … but they stay off for only a few seconds and then come back on again. I would also like a Stealth Mode that turns the LEDs off and leaves them off until I command the Sphero to move, at which time I would like them to blaze on as we start to roll. (The idea is to leave it sitting on the floor looking innocent like a regular ball, until someone bends down to pick it up and you scoot it away from their grasping fingers… it looks a bit more suspicious when it’s sitting there glowing.)

At that time, it rolled out a combination V.90/DSL device designed for PCs. And, teamed up with Taiwan's ADMtek Inc. to co-develop a PC Card that supports V.90 and home-networking functions via a local-area network.

Last month, PCTEL announce Solsis, a software-modem technology for Internet appliances. This product is based on PCTEL's DAA devices and a digital signal processor from Texas Instruments Inc.

The software modem business is fantastic,” Wilson said. But we believe the Internet appliance will be a big market. Right now, however, the home-networking market is in its infancy.”

Intersil Corp., Irvine, Calif., today released a reference targeted at both home wireless gateways and access points in small offices, and features the first product offering from Intersil's new PRISM/home product line.

The reference design integrates all electronic components on a single board that measures approximately 2.5-by-3.75 inches. At the heart of the design are Intersil's PRISM II chips, including a new ARM-based Access Point Controller engine that performs the IEEE 802.11 Medium Access Controller (MAC), wired Ethernet MAC and gateway control functions. This eliminates the need for a separate gateway host microprocessor and simplifies the overall design, said Larry Ciaccia, vice president and general manager of PRISM wireless products at Intersil.


Bluetooth divides its spectrum (2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz in the United States and Europe) into 79 channels of 1 MHz each. (In Japan, the frequency range is 2,472 to 2,497 MHz, and only 23 channels are available.) Each channel is further divided into time slots of 650 microseconds each.

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