<p>The ones who want more total bandwidth right now have to live with a multistage fabric,” said Andy Gottlieb, vice president of marketing for AMCC. Though he agreed that most customers will prefer the single-stage arrangement, Gottlieb held that the highest-end switch vendors will be looking for raw throughput regardless of cost.</p>

Consulting firms can give your call center a tune-up to help you make certain that it's running smoothly. To work with consultants is to receive the expertise of call center mechanics – people who are ready to examine your center and fine-tune it as necessary to help you get the optimum performance from it. In addition to offering practical advice, consulting firms can also help teach you the tools of the call center trade.

Although each employee may belong to various workgroups, ask your employees to rate on a scale from one to 10 the extent to which they agree with the following statements regarding the workgroup in which they spend the most time. Ask them to assign 10 to the statements with which they agree completely and one to the statements with which they disagree completely:

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71-100: Congratulations, your employees are optimizing their opportunities to work on teams.

41-70: Continue to help your employees develop a team-based view.

10-40: Consider restructuring or providing more support to your team-based operation.

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Perhaps gifts and good works are dispensed carefully by your company. Generosity results in costs that must be controlled and the control rests in a small office on the top floor of your corporate headquarters. Requests for benevolence must be presented to this office in triplicate in January of each year (before the community relations budget runs out).

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However, the company of tomorrow sees gift giving and good works strategically. It is part of a company's role in the community and it can pay off. Recent work was done by Boston College's Center for Corporate Community Relations in partnership with APQC. Its primary and secondary research linked community work with employee attraction and retention, skill development, and attitudes.” (A portion of the research comes from the report Community Relations, Unleashing the Power of Corporate Citizenship,” which can be found in APQC's on-line bookstore at

Benefits of corporate generosity include: employee pride and loyalty, employee skill development, and attraction of prospective employees.

He said the move by the U.S. government to impose performance requirements” or restrictions on ASML creates a bad business environment for foreign companies that are looking to invest in the United States.

Future foreign investors in the United States have got to look at the imposition of 'performance requirements' by the Defense Department as a bad precedence,” he said.

And given the restrictions placed on ASML by the U.S. government, U.S. companies could be subject to the same treatment abroad if and when they make investments abroad.

On the flip side, U.S. companies should not be surprised if they see a rise in the same policies abroad in the name of national security,” he warned.

Profit warnings from the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sector will continue with even well regarded” and larger players finding themselves in trouble, according to a profit warning analysis by Ernst & Young.


Based on Kolsky's statement, we can define eCRM as a company's philosophy of serving customers better every time it assists them by phone and on-line. When companies understand eCRM in this way, they recognize the benefit of allowing customers to reach live agents regardless of the method of communication.

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