<p>SanDisk's new 256-Mbit is the company's third-generation of double-density flash with sustained write rates equal to the company's standard binary (single-bit-per-cell) memories. The 256-Mbit products are slated to be shipped to customers in the first quarter of 2000.</p>

Bell Labs researchers said their vertical” transistor is built on top of the silicon substrate and operates with current flowing vertically as opposed to a horizontal flow of current in convention transistors, which are constructed in the surface of wafer.

The module weighs 2.6 ounces. It is priced at $71.50 each in lots of one to nine.

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RNC55J50R3BSB14_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Enhanced Memory Systems Inc. and NEC Corp. have settled their dispute over patented technology for advanced DRAMs.

The two companies had been fighting each other over claims and counterclaims related to technology and chip architectures used to reduce throughput latency in memories. Two years ago, Enhanced Memory Systems — a subsidiary of Ramtron International Corp. in Colorado Springs — filed a federal lawsuit alleging patent violations by NEC's Virtual Channel Memory (VCM) architecture.

In a joint statement, NEC Electronics and Enhanced Memory Systems said the dispute has been amicably resolved, allowing the two companies to move forward with development of their respective low-latency memory technologies. The companies did not release details of the settlement, but said information about their agreement would be made available by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC).

RNC55J50R3BSB14_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

NEC's VCM has been approved by Jedec as an industry-standard open architecture, and number of DRAM vendors support he format, including Hyundai and Infineon. Meanwhile, Enhanced Memory Systems said its EDRAM is also covered by manufacturing agreements with Infineon and IBM Microelectronics.

ELGIN, ILL. — Harting Inc. has expanded its press-in connector product line with a D-Sub right-angle design. Providing a full range of male and female connectors (with nine, 15, 25 and 37 poles), the series is available in standard 7.3-mm and low-profile (Eurostyle) 3.6-mm mounting heights.

RNC55J50R3BSB14_Vishay Dale_Through Hole Resistors

Compliant press-in contacts can be used with printed-circuit boards (minimum thickness of 1.6 mm) with plated through holes for termination of .94 to 1.09 mm according to IEC 352-5. Two press-in grounding contacts are included for shielding continuity in a plated through hole. This dual press-in concept enables the user to terminate both signal and ground contacts on a pc board with only one operation. Connectors are designed to be assembled using the Flat Rock technique, which enables the user to press in different combinations of connectors with a single flat upper press die.

With the microprocessor-controlled CPM 2001, assembly of complete press-in backplanes, including a mix of connector styles, can be achieved without any settings. This mix includes straight, right-angle or mixed-height and any pin quantity connectors. Pricing begins at $4.44 for a nine-position connector. They are available immediately.

Others, such as Future Electronics Inc. and TTI Inc., have opened offices overseas to duplicate their North American service models.

Despite these efforts, the number of customers that have the ability to effectively use global distribution services is still relatively small. There are a lot of our customers who have the opportunity to be global in the way they handle products and materials, and only a handful are there. But a whole bunch are on the threshold of getting there,” said Greg Frazier, president of Avnet IMS, Phoenix.

One obstacle to going global can be use of the Internet. It's not that customers don't use it properly; they just don't use it to the fullest potential. It's a great tool,” said Jim Smith, chief executive of Atlas Services North America, a unit of VEBA Electronics in Irvine, Calif. But you really have to work through communications [protocols] before you start firing orders or forecasts.”

The RosettaNet consortium is establishing common standards for Internet-based business transactions.

Another issue is sourcing within the limitations of franchise agreements. Jim Jefferies, vice president of worldwide marketing at Pioneer, said each customer has to be handled differently. We only move product outside an authorized market when approved by the supplier. Having said that, this is not a unique request, as all distributors face this issue to one extent or another. Typically, our suppliers' primary interest is to service customers and protect the value of their geographical agreements.”

As a result, Fujitsu will begin ramping flash-memory production in its own fabs in Japan, and later in Oregon, according to AMD. In the future, AMD plans to convert its Fab 25 facility to make flash products as well.

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